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16 Reasons Why The 90s Outshines Today

People who lived in the 90s often complained about the lack of contentment in today’s modern world. What’s unique about those days? Have you ever wondered? 

A user asked the forum, “In what ways were the 90s better than today?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Cheaper cost of living.”


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A user said, “The vast majority of humans, especially younger people, were not constantly bombarded with 24/7 information, often incorrect/misleading/downright disturbing information.”

Another user added, “No 24/7 nonstop news cycle bombarding people with stories (not news) for clicks and pouring gas on the ‘if it bleeds, it leads’ mindset. 

Sure, that mindset has been around since the start of the press, but it has an entirely different impact on the psyche, if it’s a 30-minute nightly news or a daily newspaper. It never, ever ends now.”


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“There’s no mystery in the world anymore.

It’s hard to explain this concept to people who have only grown up with smartphones and the internet. It makes the world very, well, boring.”


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“Guitar-based music was still relevant.”


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“The 90s felt like the last decade where kids just hung out and played outside. We used to have a big group that would be outside all day, every day during the summers, playing football, riding our bikes, and getting into trouble. 

They were genuinely incredible times, and it looks like kids don’t do that too much anymore, and it’s a real shame.”


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“More organic socializing and less pouting.”


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“I think talking to people was easier.

I often experience people being very eager nowadays to look for something to be offended about, and sometimes offense is justified. Still, other times, people can read a lot into something where nothing was inferred.

Things like watching people talk to someone they’re politically opposed to, people often try to catch each other in a ‘gotcha moment’ rather than learn or teach something. You see it in issues creating massive and minute debates. It’s just so tiring.

Even interactions where sovereign citizens will refuse to comply with a police officer because the officer said, ‘You were driving 50 miles per hour,’ and then they’ll say, ‘Actually, I wasn’t driving; I was traveling,’ and then afterward while filming, say ‘I am trying to comply.’ It’s making life so much more complex and soul-draining than it has to be.

Our communication is also just annoyingly robotic. Especially in corporate environments, people will spend ages formulating an entire sentence to describe what a single word could. ‘He was traveling at a high rate of speed’ instead of ‘he was going fast.'”


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“Tower Records. I’d kill a full lunch hour reading scores of magazines or getting a new CD (Compact Disc) with people doing the same.”


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“Newspapers were so much better in the 90s. You needed them for your news. They would tell you what events are happening in your area. Also, my favorite is Sunday Comics.”


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A user said, “We could make mistakes, and it not be captured on cell phones and posted on the internet and then spread to millions of other cell phones.”

Another added, “If you got into trouble, nobody was there to film it; it wouldn’t go up on social media.”


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“LAN (Local Area Network) parties. Online gaming will never have that same feeling.”


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“No cars, so not as much pollution.”


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“Malls were a fun time. Now they are half empty, closed, or have violent crime.”


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“Today’s music is garbage, and I wasn’t even born in the 90s.”


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“Much lower surveillance. We’re getting to the point where we are no longer free without being on video somewhere.”


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“Privacy. No instant connection in my pocket.”

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