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16 Frugal Habits Of Rich People Who Grew Up Poor

People who grow up in low-income families carry their poor mindset even when they become wealthy. 

A user asked the forum, “Things you still do because you grew up poor?” Here are the common responses. 


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“After I cook in the oven, I’ll leave the door open to help heat the house some.”


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“When a soap bar is so tiny you crush it into the new soap bar while showering or bathing, adding some ‘extra’ to the new one.”


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“Reuse ziploc bags, save rubber bands and tinfoil. Save bread bags. Use old T-shirts for cleaning rags. Use the back sides of used copy paper.”


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“Constantly check my bank balance before getting in the checkout line for groceries even though I know I have money in my account. I had my card declined too many times or otherwise came up short and saw the same thing happen to my mom when I was a kid.”


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“I will try hard to fix anything before I toss it or replace it.”


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“Clutter. Minimalists are always rich people because only a rich person would throw away something he might need down the line to make his house look more minimalist. Do you know that Marie Kondo’s ‘throw out anything that doesn’t spark joy’ line? That’s what rich people think.”


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“Turn off all the lights, only leave one on. Don’t flush the toilet all the time.”



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“Bargain while shopping. I still can’t order anything that isn’t on the value menu at fast food, and I refuse to pay for the door dash.”


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“Save napkins and ketchup packets and plastic forks.”


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“Keep things and clothes till they break. I don’t travel, ever. That’s because I can’t get around throwing away many months of savings for a one-week vacation.”


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“Make vegetable soup before the vegetables go bad. I don’t buy it unless I need it and it’s on sale. My wants and needs are two different things. Even though I have the money to purchase something, I will always ask myself, is it something I need?”


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“Thrift shopping. Before, it was from necessity. Now it’s because it’s better for the environment, and you get more unique style choices for a better price.”


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“Can’t throw out extra food. It goes into the fridge, in a container, where it lives, untouched, until it’s too old to eat, and then it gets thrown out. Can’t throw it out before then because that would be throwing out delicious food, and who does that?”


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“I don’t buy anything. I survive on what I have. My husband loves to spend money, and always tells me to buy something for myself, but I don’t even know what to buy. He says, ‘You aren’t poor anymore; you can get that (book, jacket, hat, etc).’ The other day, we got new AirPods, and I almost had a panic attack.”


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“Don’t buy notepads; I slit open bills or junk mail and save the white envelopes for notes.”


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“Collect the water from the hot tap and use it to water the garden.”

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