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16 Embarrassing “Dating Types” People Are Attracted To But Won’t Admit!

We all have specific weird fantasies when it comes to our ‘dating type,’ don’t we?

An internet user asked, “What’s a ‘type’ you’re attracted to but too embarrassed to tell anyone?”. Let’s look at the top responses below!


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“My first crush when I was 3 was Doctor Brown from Back To The Future,” said one. 

“A ‘Mad Scientist,’ someone who is so stupidly smart but equally insane,” another added. 


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“Feral swamp witches that will haunt my dreams and send me increasingly disturbing visions until I crawl back begging for mercy,” said one. 

“Oh god, yes. Send me a woman who terrifies me, and I can’t get enough of,” another added. 


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“I like women that are kind of mean or at least look mean and stern.” 


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“Girls with big noses. I’m not quite sure why. Something about a prominent nose adds a unique sexiness to a woman’s face.” 


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“I still find the early 2000s skater or ‘In a Band’ type look hot.” 



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“A skinny man who wears reading glasses. They’re so hot to me.” 


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“I like thick, ugly men, and I don’t care, I’ll tell anyone. If I’m dating you, it means you’re not conventionally attractive, sorry. I find them attractive; they’re just not classically so.” 


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“I’m 38, and I’m starting to be attracted to men with gray hair, or at least salt and pepper hair, which is completely age-appropriate, but it feels bizarre.” 


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“‘Dweeb girls,’ who’d explain to me the entire unabridged lore of whatever obsession they currently have.” 


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“Assertive, not in a ‘bossing around’ kind of way, more a ‘she gets what she wants’ kind of way while still being a kind person.” 



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“I’m attracted to men who look like they should be in an 80s adult film. Thin, mustache, look like they work with their hands.” 


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“The awkward, geeky guys with glasses, the ones who are confident in the things they love but just a bit awkward.

There’s just something I love about winding them up because sometimes they’ll try and give as good as they can get. But once they don’t know what to do, they usually smile and have fun but have no idea what to say. That’s the bit I like. The minute I see, I can get that reaction out of someone. I’m hooked.” 



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“I’ve always been attracted to fat girls. I was embarrassed about this when I was younger, but fortunately got over it,” said one. 

“It’s more normalized now, but I was always into bigger, curvier girls since I was a kid. I hid it when I was still in school because my friends would relentlessly pick on me for dating a girl who was even slightly chubby. 

Even a few years after I graduated, I would keep my preferences to myself. Eventually, I realized that who I dated shouldn’t matter to anyone besides me,” another added. 


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“Super shy girls. I’m dating one currently, and I love her so much. I feel like people assume if you like shy, quiet women that, you want someone subservient, but the truth is I like taking care of her, and I love the way she looks at me when I predict what she wants and is so happy because I pay attention to her so I know how to love her and serve her.” 


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“Bad boy musician types. Not the kinds of men I would ever go near, but I can look from a distance anyway. (I should add that my ‘going near other men’ days are long past; I’ve been married for 20 years and plan to stay that way.)”


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“I’m so attracted to nerds. I could listen to them all day about anything they’re passionate about. I once talked to this guy who’s a math genius and knows Japanese, and I still haven’t forgotten about him. I still remember him.” 

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