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16 Dead Giveaways That Someone Is Straight-Up Trashy  

Simple behaviors of people are enough to judge the character of a person. A user asked the forum, “What’s a sign that someone is trashy?” 

Here are the top responses.


Furious little boy waiting for dinner. Holding a spoon and fork in the hand

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“They don’t take care for their kids.”


Young beautiful woman with curly hair wearing blue casual sweater over isolated background laughing at you, pointing finger to the camera with hand over body, shame expression

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“People who make fun of others who are less fortunate than them.”


Exited white ockatoo exitedly flapping his wings and swinging his head as if putting on an opera singing performance in the greenery of a tropical forest. Dubai, UAE.

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“If they mistreat animals. There’s just no excuse for it.”


Caucasian Man is Walking Outside His House in Order to Take Out Two Plastic Bags of Trash. One Garbage Bag is Sorted with Biological Food Waste, Other is with Recyclable Bottles. Saving Environment.

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A user said, “My neighbors moved in 18 months ago; their garbage has been spilling out onto the street, and their front yard is filled with an ever-growing collection of abandoned kitchen appliances. 

They throw their regular trash into my recycling bin loudly at 2 in the night, laughing while they do so, and dump their furniture out on the street in front of mine and other people’s yards, again loudly and while laughing at two at night. They seem to add nothing to the world but noise, antisocial behavior, and garbage.”

Another user said, “People who leave a restaurant table and floor in a total mess after dining with young children. I’m talking about food and napkins all over the floor and table, filthy high chairs, plates, and wrappers stacked up high mixed in with discarded food, spilled drinks, and ketchup all over the table. Such people are pigs.”


surprised woman holding high heeled shoe in hand as phone

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“People who use speakerphone in public.”



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“People who throw violent tantrums at fast food employees over chicken nuggets. How they treat service workers or employees around them is a big sign to know if someone is trashy. If someone is mean and disrespectful to someone just trying to do their job, that’s a red flag for an insufferable jerk.”


Closeup annoyed young man with cellphone. Long wait times, horrible conversations concept. Human emotion face expression reaction

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“They brag about their wealth, intelligence, conquests, and even openly admit to committing assault. They don’t pay people who work for them.”


Young brunette woman holding dollars doing ok sign with fingers, smiling friendly gesturing excellent symbol

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“They steal their kid’s benefits money to fund their drug habits. When that runs out, they steal from friends and family supporting these kids because they claimed they had no money.”


Senior homeless woman with too much makeup crying

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“Any parent that trashes their kid in public, be it belittling, smacking/pushing them down, etc.”


Unhappy middle aged spouses experiencing crisis in marriage, upset husband and wife standing next to each other at kitchen, having quarrel, woman crying, copy space. Conflicts in relationships

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“Getting in fights in public places. It screams trashy people.”


Yound beautiful woman in depression, drinking alcohol

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“They apply for a job at your retail store and steal alcohol off the shelf in the same trip because they are too stupid to realize that you have cameras and their name/address.”


Happy senior gray haired woman sitting inside car, holding hands up. Freedom, road trip, vacation

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“When they don’t buy their kid a window seat on a plane and expect you to give up the window seat you paid for.”


swimming pool and decking in garden of luxury home

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A user said, “Poor hygiene. Unchecked body odor or terrible breath regularly is the most common factor in my experience.”

Another user added, “They don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.”


Portrait of uptight shirtless young woman with colorful hairstyle frowning and biting nails isolated over pink background

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“Long fake nails. How does anyone do anything with those nails?”


1. proud american

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“Trump flag. I’m not trying to be political, but it symbolizes trash.”

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