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16 Clever Money-Making Side Hustles for Teens

For many people, their teenage years are the first time they experience the need to earn money. Whether it’s to save up for a big purchase, help out their family, or simply have some extra spending cash, there are many reasons why teenagers want to make money. 

A user asked the forum, “What did your teenage self do to make money?”. Here are some responses he got!


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“Selling my collection of extremely rare Homework Excuse Cards.”


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“Selling cracked PC Games with the serial number written on the disc. Starcraft was my real moneymaker.”


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“Saved up doing chores to buy a 2x Compact Disc (CD) burner for my Personal computer (PC) back when they were brand new, and nobody else in school had one.”


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“I worked in a restaurant, and it was so much fun. The one I joined after this one was hell on earth, and every shift was an assault. 

I was underage at the first restaurant, so I wasn’t serving yet. That first spot was tiny and fun! Worked with a bunch of my friends, helped in front of the house and kitchen, it was well managed, it was great.”


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“Taught guitar lessons in the community. It was an excellent opportunity for me.”


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“I taught violin. It was a high-paying gig (for a teen), and I only had to work about 6 hours a week to make what my friends working 15 hours a week were working.”


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“I mowed grass at a golf course. It’s like literally push-mowed grass. I did it for 40 hours a week every summer for 4 or 5 summers. Towards the end, I worked two jobs simultaneously for some extra money.”


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“Our local grocery store took back glass bottles for deposit. I was the sorter in the back for the bottles.”


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“I was selling phone cases from Aliexpres to classmates with like 400% investment return, made like 150 USD on it, and felt like a rich girl.”


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“My son does odd jobs – yard work, hauling and cleaning stuff. He charges $10 an hour and has more work than he can do and still manages to play Xbox.”


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“From 8 up, I picked raspberries, cherries, blackberries, corn, and strawberries and then sold them roadside.”


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“I photoshopped a driving license at 15 to do online freelance software jobs. It was decent money for a 15-year-old making a couple hundred dollars a week.”


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“Sold sweets and fizzy drinks in school. Paid for my ale every weekend.”


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“I was a party hostess at a bowling alley. Then, I went to a college where everyone had to have a job to receive free tuition. It was crazy but taught us valuable work skills for our full-time jobs now.”


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“Steel framing, sheetrock, and drywall. 34 years and counting. Raised four sons to manhood. Hard work, but an honest living.”


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“Delivered flyers, worked in a bakery, worked at a golf course.”

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