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15 Wild and Strong Animals Humans Can Surprisingly Defeat

Have you ever wondered if humans can fight off animals? 

A user asked the forum, “What is the strongest animal a human can defeat?” Here are the top responses. 


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“A leopard. An older man in India killed a leopard by ripping its tongue out; imagine a healthy, younger man with the right drive could also kill a leopard. I doubt if he could kill bigger cats, though; tigers, lions, and jaguars seem too big.”


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“The correct answer is a brown bear. It happened; a guy shoved his arm down a bear’s throat and suffocated it to death.”


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“Peak human should be able to take out a large chimpanzee provided he’s willing to fight extremely dirty and has peak human pain tolerance.”


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“Average person, probably a tiny lynx or bobcat.”


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“A box jelly or some other venomous/poisonous invertebrate. Stomping it with the heel of your foot should be enough.”


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“A deer or a llama or something under favorable circumstances. The human can beat the 300 lb(pound) animal in a fight.”


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“Probably a medium-sized wolf. Humans are getting messed up, but could potentially kill these animals under normal circumstances.”


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“If you are talking about >50% of the time, it’s a cheetah, but any percentage higher than 0, it’s a bear, maybe.”


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“My friend says he can take on a mountain goat.”


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“Lynx, maybe? If it were Eddie Hall, a boar is possible, but not a massive one.


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“The world’s most dangerous snake? I’m sure it can kill most animals with a large amount of its poison, but a human should be able to kill it.”


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“Kangaroo. They are strong but likely to lose if you can avoid the kicks and get behind them. With little flexibility in their arms and their leg structure, choking it out from behind should be straightforward. 

That’s the strongest animal I’d give an average person a 25% or above win rate. One kick, and you’re probably dead, though.”


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“Does the human have a spear? If so, the strongest is probably like an elephant if he has good aim.”



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“Easily a mountain lion.”



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“Smoosh some poisonous spider or something with your foot, and it’s a win.”



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“Rottweiler or pitbull, maybe an Ostrich via suffocation. All of that, at the expense of massive injuries and potentially getting crippled.”

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