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15 “WEIRD” Smells That People Like. Are You One Of Them?

A user asked the forum, What is a weird smell you enjoy? Here are the common responses. 


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“Cap gun paper (after use).”



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“Child of the 50’s here: mimeographed school papers.”




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“Old comic books. The aging paper smells like heaven, which is so much better than the plastic/barely paper stuff that’s used today.”




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“Hardware stores….. It’s an odd mix of leather, plastic, metal, and lawn fertilizer. It’s the best smell in the world.”




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“Fresh tennis balls and also a dry loofah.”



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After a quick Google, it turns out it’s because of the Benzene added to the gasoline! It’s added to the mixture because it increases octane levels and fuel efficiency, but in the human body, it suppresses your nervous system and leaves you with a euphoric feeling. It’s similar to the effects of smoking cigarettes, which are also made with Benzene and Nicotine.”




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“window unit air conditioner.”



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“When you go to a shoe store, and you smell the plastic of the soles of the shoe? It smells like petrol but way better; I love that.”



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“That musty, old basement smell. It is how my grandma’s basement smelled when I was a kid, and it was filled with all sorts of “treasures, perfect for exploring on rainy summer days.”



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“Most here are not old enough, but the smell of paper fresh from the ditto copier in school way back in the 60s and 70s. Mmmmm.”



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“The smell of a tire warehouse. Reminds me of errands with Dad. Also, the smell of fresh playing cards out of one of those sealed plastic packs (like Pokemon).”



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“Burning wood and metal being cut by a chainsaw.”



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The lumber department at a home improvement store.”



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“I have two. Leather which is because I used to train horses (until my last and worst fall) and was exposed to it a lot obviously. But just something about the smell of it, I loved and still do. My husband knows we can’t pass by a store with leather. I have to go in, stand there for a minute or two smelling the smell, then go, “Okay! Good to go,” and we go about our way.

I grew up with an extremely abusive mother. My father, who traveled a lot for work, would often work in the large basement we had because we bought a condemned house literally and spent decades fixing it up. It was a beautiful house, though. He would often be down there with his tools and working on some projects. It was an escape for me to go down and sit there and watch him work. He would babble to me about what he was doing and explain the ins and outs of angles and saw blades and whatnot. My mother never bothered me when I was down there because he would have realized what she was doing when he wasn’t around. (Very long, complicated story and a different time as to why he didn’t know, but mainly because we didn’t tell him.) I always wanted to help, but I was too little, so he would always save any wood from the saws, and it became my “job” to clean it up. I loved pushing the shavings into piles and using the little pan and whatnot. I felt like I was helping and being very adult since I got to touch the saws. (Don’t worry, he unplugged them after use and watched me like a hawk.) The smell of wood shavings brings me back to those happy and safe moments. God, I miss him.”



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“My dog’s Frito paws.”

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