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15 Weird Jobs That Pay More Than Your Dream Job

An internet user asked, Do you have a job that the average person doesn’t even know exists? Below are the best 15 responses:

Standardized Patients 

happy male medical doctor portrait in hospital

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“I start on Friday as a Standardized Patient. Essentially, med students practice their bedside manner on me.” Said one. 

“Me too! Great money, and interesting – I get mostly blood samples (In fact, I’ve had so much blood drawn that I could not participate in the test about alcohol consumption), but have had 6 biopsies and 10 scans etc. as well. Good to know what your brain looks like.” Another added. 

Beer Truck Tetris

A girl tries a beer with an expression of disgust in a street bar. Concept of alcohol poisoning and quit drinking

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“I spent a summer balancing beer trucks. The job’s object is to ensure that the beer truck is as complete as possible at all times, ideally picking up one skid of empties when delivering one skid of beer.

Beer Truck Tetris, it’s a thing.”

Physical Hydrogeologist

3. women with money

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“Physical hydrogeologist, I image the ground using water flows.” Said one.

“I’m a surface water hydrologist, but my firm has hydrogeologists. We like to joke that we know they’re here, and they certainly draw a salary, but we don’t know what they do all day.” Another added.

YouTube Channel Manager


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“I’m a Channel Manager at a YouTube Network. I get paid to watch and maintain YouTube channels all day. My job didn’t exist when I was in college.”

Information Security Consultant


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“For work, I get to break into hospitals and steal things.  It’s referred to as a “Physical Penetration Test.”  It’s an integral part of a risk assessment, required under 164.308 of [HIPAA.]

I routinely pick locks, steal access badges, impersonate medical personnel, harvest data and credentials, crack passwords, and utilize various social engineering tactics. 

My official title is “Information Security Consultant.”  I have a degree in Information Systems Management, as well as; CCNA, Sec+, and CISA certifications.”

Heritage Officer


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“I didn’t get it but I once applied for a job as a Heritage Officer. Sounded normal enough, but it involved basically going around cemeteries photographing graves and keeping a log of them. It was so unusual I was desperate for it, not to mention working alone and out in the fresh air.

“So what do you do?”

“Oh, you know, look at graves”

Technical Consultant On Toy Safety


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“I am responsible for breaking toys and writing reports about how they break. a totally different job from my previous job, using promotions from online casinos to earn a living and travel the world.”

Manual Writers For Tanks, Helicopters, Etc

Image Credits: Patramansky Oleg, Shutterstock

“I write manuals for tanks. How to operate them, how to repair them, etc.” Said one. 

“I write them for helicopters. I have a degree in English Education, but right out of college, I decided I did NOT want to teach. Was lucky to find this and it actually pays pretty damn well for an entry-level position.” Another added.

Book Repairer At Library

7. library

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“For a while, I repaired books at a library.  I think most people assume that when books get old they are thrown away and bought new unless they are collectible. 

Well, the composition of books in a research universities library is very different from a local branch library, and almost everything we had was collectible somehow.  Not necessarily monetarily valuable, but often rare. 

Many early 1900s books about local economic policies, proceedings from city council meetings, and a lot of grad thesis that had not been checked out since their publication. I once spent 4 hours gluing pictures of sad clowns into a book.”

Professional Prosthesis Bra Fitter

disgusted lady

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“I’m a professional prosthesis bra fitter. I fit women who have had a mastectomy. Usually, women who have/had breast cancer.” Said one.

“Just wanna say, my mom said the person who helped fit her after her mastectomy was awesome and really made her feel like what she was going through was normal. People appreciate you.” Another added.

Medical Illustrator

Image Credits: Billion Photos, Shutterstock

“My field is medical illustration. I specifically do medical, legal work (so for courtroom purposes). When I travel by airplane, I claim to be a bartender again as it gets a little dull explaining repeatedly

On the plus side, I know what you look like…on the inside. ” Said one.

“I have a fake leg, one that is full and has the same diameter as a regular leg. We usually put some sort of decal on the side. I have a buddy that is a medical illustrator, so he took some of his work from school, a picture of a leg muscle, and made it look like my leg was ripped open from the outside. complete with surgical staples and everything, it was pretty gory. ” Another added.

Advertisement Jingle Writer

5. hapy wih money

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“Not me but one of my best friends writes jingles for commercials. Advertising firms fly him out to Nashville like once every other month for a week and tell him what kind of vibe they want and he just thinks of 30 seconds of goofy crap to give them.” 

Study Start-Up Specialist


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“I’m a study start-up specialist. Drug companies pay me to start up a drug trial. I do all the legal ethics and regulatory submissions and find doctors to run the studies. Everything up until the patient gets the drug.”

Safety Person At Nuclear Power Plants

wtf man with glass

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“I work in nuclear power plants around the country when they shut down every 18 months or so.  I go inside reactors and refurbish and test motor actuators on valves to ensure safe operating conditions.  A few quick things in case anyone is curious.  No, it’s nothing like The Simpsons.

Yes, I am exposed to radiation and, no, I don’t glow at night.  This exposure is constantly monitored and relatively safe.  It is a very well-paid job but somewhat dangerous due to safety concerns and the high levels of quality we must adhere to. I’ve considered the idea of doing an AMA if anyone would be curious.”



Image Credits: Roman Samborskyi, Shutterstock

“I make people do a shot of screech, kiss a cod fish and say funny things, my official job title is “screecher-inner”. It’s a tourism job for the province of Newfoundland and I do it every day over the summer, twice a day. It’s a tradition here for welcoming people to the island and is basically the best job ever.”

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