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15 Products That Have Gone Downhill: Once Great, Now Just “Meh”

The relentless march of technology and time has left many things in its wake, leaving people struggling to adapt to the constantly changing landscape.

A user asked the forum, “What’s something that used to be good, but now it’s just mediocre?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Clothes. I get fashion changes, but the quality is awful now. Fast fashion has destroyed the longevity of clothing. My parents have clothes that were considered the “cheap brand” that are 20- 30 years old that still hold up.”


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“I swear they changed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups recipe. When I was a kid, Reese’s cups were like a gift from the gods. Today, they barely have a taste for me. Like slightly chocolate-flavored discs with a hint of peanut butter.”



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“All the candy bars next to the cashier.”



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“The Internet. There used to be just a few sites earlier, and now there are zillions.”


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“Netflix. I wanna watch classic movies, but they’re just showing Netflix Original series and 140-minute action movies.”



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It used to be crisp and clean. Now it’s greasy and gross.”



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“Air travel. Once upon a time, it was an exciting adventure and a pinnacle of customer service. Roomy seats, good food, friendly flight attendants, and counter staff. People would dress up for the occasion.

Now, it’s a cattle car with some of the worst customer service ever that people only use if it’s too far to drive reasonably. You expect rude and incompetent service, theft from your items, delays, and a reasonably good chance of starring in or filming a viral video involving violence of some kind. It’s fallen so far it’s unbelievable.”


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“College Football. Every team is driven by greed. Rivalries ruined. Fans screwed up. How many Stanford and Cal fans are gonna go to games on the East Coast? Also, the games now last 4 hours, it seems.”


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“Laundry baskets. All of the ones they sell now are made to break. The laundry baskets I grew up with survived a family of 7 that included 4 EXTREMELY destructive boys. We went through probably ten couches during my childhood (WWF was highly influential back then), but we only ever had the same two laundry baskets.

Also vacuums. Same thing. It was the same vacuum my entire childhood. I’ve personally owned at least 12 vacuums in my adult life. They break out so quickly.”


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“Cereal. I used to be so excited for Count Chocula season. None of the chocolate cereals taste like chocolate anymore and Dr Pepper. It used to be a spicey, flavorful drink. I could tell when they changed the recipe; it was night and day.”


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“Shower Heads. They used to actually shower you with water like heavy rain in a thunderstorm, but nowadays, they just sprinkle some thin, razor-sharp jets of water that barely can even make you wet.

My old shower head from the 90’s is still plugged in, and I refuse to buy a new one even now that it leaks.”


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“Health care insurance. It used to be 100% covered, but now it’s not even offered by some employers.”


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“Klondike bars.

I used to be able to reliably hold one in my hand as a kid on a hot summer day and eat the whole thing without the chocolate flaking off or melting completely.

The chocolate shell did its job. It held the vanilla ice cream inside and kept it protected.


The moment you snap into a Klondike bar, everything shatters. The shell, the ice cream. It all falls apart, and if you dare try to eat it without a wrapper, you are playing a losing game, with the victim being your clothing ending up the childish mess of inferior sugary sadness.”

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