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15 Things That Got Better Only Because They Became Popular

A few things lose their charm once a lot of people begin to take notice of them, but some things get even better when they become popular among the masses.

A user asked the forum, “What got better because it became popular?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Board games.

I love having game nights with friends! We have a blast when we get together. Some of the best times in my life have been sitting around a game with friends, some coffee, and a big bowl of popcorn. Great fun and costs almost nothing.”


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“High-Speed Internet.”


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“Going dairy and gluten-free. When I first cut out dairy and gluten for health reasons, it was super hard to find anything to eat. Now that it’s more “popular,” there are plenty of companies competing for business, which means more selection and variety!”


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“I started rock climbing in 2006. Climbing gyms and equipment are astronomically better than they used to be.”


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“Modest to high-end home cookware – stainless and carbon steel.”


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“Coffee. When I came to the US in 2000, coffee meant mild, watery coffee. Thanks to Starbucks and everyone chasing them, coffee is considerably better in just about every restaurant or cafe, except Dunkin’, of course.”


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“Skincare products.

For example, as preventing sun damage has become more “trendy” (as in, it’s what the beauty magazines are talking about), there have been a lot more different kinds of SPF products showing up on the market.

As a kid, I hated the smell and feel of sunscreen; then, as a teen, it always made me break out. It’s cool that now there’s SPF for acne-prone skin that doesn’t stink.

It’ll also be pretty great if this refocusing on skin health ends up leading to a decline in skin cancer as this generation gets older.”


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“Online meeting apps, such as Teams & Zoom.”


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“Glasses. I grew up not wanting to use them ’cause, well, you know.”



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“Cell phones, TVs.

It took years, but the progress just keeps on going.”


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“Cash-free shopping. In the last two years, I had my wallet with me only 2-3 times.”


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“Custom keyboards and keyboard parts. Things used to be super scarce and only group buys. Kits were prohibitively expensive or full of compromises.

Hell, even ISO layouts have some choice now.”


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“Craft beer: now it’s available everywhere, there are lots of styles, and such availability has lowered the price and improved the quality.”


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“Lego has been trash since they started with the Harry Potter and Star Wars series. It’s meant to be a universal toy, not a kit for a media tie-in. Now it’s just assembling the picture on the box, like a jigsaw.”

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