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15 Things That Are So Stupid, It’s Hard to Believe People Still Do Them. Do You?

We often fail to see the full implications of our actions until we have a better understanding of the situation or someone else helps us to see things from a different perspective.

A netizen recently asked, “What’s something that’s incredibly useless that nobody really realizes?” We couldn’t agree more with the responses below. 

Business Gurus

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“Business Gurus. They’re not rich and successful because of the things they teach. They’re rich and successful because they sell courses.” 

Detox Products

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“Detox products are useless. You very likely don’t have heavy metals or parasites in your body. If you do, there’s no dietary supplement that can treat you. Your kid didn’t poop out a tapeworm. That’s the intestinal lining.” 

Content Creators Creating Staged YouTube Content

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“Every content creator is trying to gain a YouTube partnership by creating staged content that is framed in a way that makes it look real and spontaneous.” 


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“Herbalife. People should really be more aware of the damage it can cause. It can literally destroy your liver so badly that you need a transplant. Look it up on Google Scholar or somewhere else where they have scientific papers.” 

Credit Karma

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“Credit Karma. All they do now is advertise credit cards from predatory banks. Their ‘approval odds’ is so unreliable and out of whack that you can pretty much ignore it.

If you want to check your credit score, chances are your bank app already does it, and they’ll give you the FICO score (the one banks actually use when you’re getting a loan).” 

The Irritating Instagram Reaction Videos 

Omg wtf. Tired bored stressed young man covering face with palm. Bothered upset guy. Mistake job loss unemployment.

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“The stupid Instagram/tik tok ‘content’ where they play someone else’s video and put their own face in it ‘reacting’. This is so lame.  I get if they add commentary or their opinion but when they just sit there and laugh or some other emotion that is so weak as their own content.” 

Celebrity News

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“Celebrity news. They plant fake news and reactions. They fake relationships. It’s all PR in the end.” 

Influencers/YouTubers Advertising Products They’d Otherwise Never Use

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“Influencers/YouTubers when they advertise products that I know for a fact they don’t/wouldn’t use. Listen, bro, I know you aren’t playing Raid: Shadow Legends but I realize you have to make money somehow.” 

Rich Celebrities Setting False Beauty Standards 

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“The Kardashian/Jenners/any other rich celebrity that sets beauty standards while lying (directly and by omission) about how they achieved those. Screw that.” 

Apple Products That Are Not Devices

angry hatred

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“Apple products that are not devices. Their microfiber cloth costs 2 days of minimum wage in my country.”

English Rivers And Oceans

shy woman mistake

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“English rivers and oceans. Our government has allowed our privately owned water and sewerage companies to dump waste in our rivers and seas and pay the fine rather than fix their old pipes.

We’ve lost so many blue-flag beaches, places to swim & clean water for wildlife. And many of those private water companies have paid scandalous amounts to their shareholders & CEOs, but now need financial bailouts from the government because they didn’t invest in their own infrastructure. Yep. Our waterways are literally full of crap. Fun times.” 

The Term ‘Luxury’ In Luxury Vinyl Plank

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“The term ‘Luxury’ in luxury vinyl plank.  Every vinyl plank is now ‘LVP’ regardless of the quality.

Builders are selling homes with the lowest quality ‘LVP’ and questioning me, the installer when it fails as if they paid for something luxurious. 

No, you were sold the lowest value product that won’t last two years by soulless realtors or home builders and I have to be the one to inform them that the plastic, earth-killing product that they saved a small amount of money on is ruined and can’t be fixed. 

Please people, quality wood flooring is so much more economical and environmentally friendly in the long run!”

Branding On Clothing

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“Branding on clothing. Like you pay tons of money to wear a shirt that says Calvin Klein on it.  You pay them, to advertise for them.” 

Retirement At 65

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“Retirement at 65. Biggest scam ever. 

Most people typically live to 70-80 years old so you’re telling me I’ve worked for my entire life to enjoy 15 years of not working and die?” 

The Dieting Industry

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“The dieting industry. Cutting out entire food groups or drinking magical weight loss potions or whatever is not sustainable and will lead to failure. You’d be much better off eating what you do now but in smaller portions.” 

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