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15 Things Japan Has That Korea Doesn’t

Not every country has the same resources, culture, or lifestyle. Comparing Japan to Korea, there are vast differences. Let’s see what they are. 

A user asked the forum, “What does Japan have that Korea doesn’t have?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Ocean on all sides.”


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“My geography might be incorrect, but Korea doesn’t have as many natural disasters as Japan”


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“Major professional wrestling organizations.”



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“Google Maps.

Google partnered with SK to popularize Google Maps in the Korean market but failed.”


1. playing video games

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“Japan has cornered the market with anime and video games, whereas Korea has claimed music and television.”


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“‘A chance not to be invaded by Mongolia.”


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“Lots of vending machines.”


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“I’ve been to Seoul several times. I walked around the busiest areas of Seoul alone for hours, and absolutely zero men approached me. I have no idea why men don’t hit on women there.

In Japan, some men always approach and ask women out for drinks, tea, or dinner and, of course, HOTEL. Some start very direct.”


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“A geographically decent location. South Korea has very few natural resources or good farmland; the only reason they even exist so notably was perfect politics that funded enterprises to launch their economy. That’s why a few corporations run their country.”


1. porsche

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“Cars that go half a million kilometers before needing major repairs.”


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“Japan has the absolute best ramen, especially for slow-cooked tonkotsu styles. Tons of little corner shops have their secret recipe, and people line up around the block at lunchtime to get a bowl of delicious heaven. It’s on the same level as a good American slow-cooked BBQ regarding the time and dedication required to prepare.

Korea has amazing fried chicken, though. They often marinate the chicken and do some magic with the batter, making it ultra-crispy and flakey. It’s better than any fried chicken I’ve had in the States. They’ve perfected it.”


wow wtf

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“I lived in Korea for six years, and Japan has far more individuality and a sense of personal style. It is just my opinion, so please don’t crucify me. Trendy fashion was much more dominant in Korea – so everyone had whatever style coat/hairstyle/whatever was in that season.

While I’ve never lived in Japan, I have visited it many times and was always surprised how more people there have a more individualized sense of style. It felt like there was more originality and less fear of “sticking out” than Korea.

Just my $0.02.”


public bathroom

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“Access to public restrooms.

Japan has a bathroom available in every single convenience store; those little stores are littered all over Japan, Whereas Korean restrooms are usually smelly, old, and not in convenience stores. Plus, you have to walk a maze before finding one.

But they both typically have no public trash cans, so you’ll have to carry your trash around.”


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“Japan’s unique cultural heritage, including traditions, language, and historical landmarks, differentiates it from Korea. Additionally, Japan is an island nation with its own distinct geography and natural beauty, such as Mount Fuji and its surrounding landscapes, which set it apart from the Korean Peninsula.”


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“Japan has the third largest GDP in the world, and South Korea is like #12, so they have a lot of things Korea doesn’t.”

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