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15 Things From The Past 20 Years That Fizzled Out Sooner Than We Thought

People who lived through the last two decades have seen a lot of fads come and go. They might have thought some fads would stick around, but they were surprised when they disappeared quickly.

A user asked the forum, “What things from the 2000s, 2010s, or early 2020s did you think would be a long-term cultural change but turned out to be a fad?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Ringback tones! I really liked it, but they’re pointless because we rarely make phone calls anymore.”


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“I thought MySpace was going to outlast Facebook. In the mid-2000s, it was the better service. Now I am betting that YouTube will likely be the one that stands the test of time.”


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“I never imagined that Facebook would one day be uncool and dominated by old people.”


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“3D capabilities on phones/televisions, etc., Plus watching movies in 3D at the theater.

I remember watching a College Football game on ESPN 3D and was so blown away that I bought an LG LED(Light-Emitting Diode) Television that offered it (which I still have today, though I never use the 3D functions).

The last movie I watched in 3D was the latest Avatar.”


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“Segways were quite popular in the early 2010s. I vividly recollect seeing a lot of tourists on those Segway tours in downtown Chicago. I expected them to be around for at least a few decades.”


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“Curved Television. I am still bitter about that one. Curved Televisions were awesome.”


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“Gaming on cell phones. When I first got an Android, it held a unique promise as a gaming platform compared to older mobile games. It was capable of full 3D High Definition graphics, and even today, the average smartphone is more powerful than a Nintendo Switch (which uses 2015 mobile technology)!”


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“My brother was convinced that minidisc players were the future.”


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“Blogging sort of just got consumed by social media.”


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“Occupy Wall Street. It was daily news for a while and then faded away quietly.”


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“Google glasses and the like were game changers ten years ago. I don’t see them at all now. Maybe they will come back, though.”


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“Dubstep. I thought that this is what music would be from then on, and everybody got tired after two years.”


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“3D printing. Don’t get me wrong, additive manufacturing is finally maturing in the industrial sectors after 10+ years of hype, but there was such a steep decline of interest in consumer 3D printing after the initial hype.”


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“Microsoft would still rule everything with Windows & Office. I never saw the rise of Apple coming. Now I only have Apple devices.”


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“Live strong bracelets. We were making a big change but then just stopped. So sad.”

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