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15 “Unmanly” Things Every Man Should Try Atleast Once

Gender stereotypes can stifle personal growth, leading to emotional distress, low self-esteem, and a sense of diminished potential. An internet user asked, “What are the things every man should at least try even though they are stigmatized as ‘feminine’ or ‘unmanly’?”. Below are the best suggestions!


Portrait of a senior woman smiling at the camera while bending over a rocket plant with flowers, while wearing a straw hat and apron in her garden on a sunny morning

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“Not sure if it counts but a woman I work with was surprised I had a vegetable garden. She said she thought I was ‘a manly man’.”


Woman cooking rice on stove in kitchen, closeup

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“I had a guy friend who really wanted to take a cooking class in school but got steered away from it by his mom for being too ‘girly’.

I don’t get why cooking specifically is deemed girly in the first place, imagine you’re in college and gotta make yourself some food, are you gonna be living off of boiled eggs forever?”

Fruity Mocktails

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“Drink what you want. Does that passion fruit mojito sound good to you? Probably because it is so just order it.”, said one.

“I tell anyone who gives me nonsense that it takes a real man to drink a girly drink with his masculinity intact.”, another added.

Skin Care Routine

concept of aging and skin care. face of young woman and an old woman with wrinkles

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“Apply creams, moisturizers, and/or sunblock. Your skin will age, better take care of it.”

Being The Little Spoon

confused and doubtful shrugging shoulders to hold a copy space.

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“Being the little spoon. I wanna be held and cuddled too, dammit.”, said one.

“I second this, little spoon is fun as hell as a guy because damn I love someone trying to hug me from behind now and then. Doesn’t help when everyone is like 7 inches shorter though so you tower over them and they can’t fully reach all the way around to big spoon though.”

Expressing Your Love For Your Friends

Young blond curly hair caucasian man isolated doubting and shrugging shoulders in questioning gesture.

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“Telling your friends you love them. If you deeply care about them, that’s love. Let your friends know they are loved.”

Peel Off Face Masks

Young handsome man with blue eyes wearing casual sweater standing over pink background In shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth.

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“Peel off the face mask. They’re so fun, it’s like when you used to let glue dry on your hand and peel it off. Except it’s on your face and smells like cucumbers.”

Going To The Spa

young french artist proud pose.

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“Going to the spa. Man or woman, we all deserve to be pampered every once in a while.”

Shaving Your Legs

Horizontal portrait of shocked caucasian male models against yellow background looks with great surprisment being very stunned, astonished with unexpected news, . Facial expressions concept.

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“One time I shaved my legs for a Halloween costume, and getting into bed with fresh sheets that night and rubbing my legs on my lady’s smooth legs was pretty fantastic. Hair growing back was bad, but it was…nice…for a couple of days.”

Buying Flowers For Yourself

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“Buying flowers for yourself. I bought a bunch of flowers for my kitchen counter because I wanted to make the place nice for some company I had coming.

The amount of nonsense I got from the cashier at the store when she asked ‘Who’s the lucky lady?’ I told her that the flowers were for me. Absolutely ridiculous.”

Taking A Bath With Friends

Young beautiful woman wearing yellow t-shirt standing over white isolated background afraid and shocked with surprise expression, fear and excited face.

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“Take a bath with my friends. With bubbles, candles, and bath bombs. I feel like a new man afterwards.”

Hugging A Dude

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“My best friend is really touchy-feely. He greets with hugs and goodbyes with hugs. We talk about anything and everything from advances in science to politics to his wife and kid to obscure facts at our monthly meal together.

For a while, a couple of the waitresses at Denny’s thought we were a gay couple on date night because we mesh so well and are really happy together. I am straight, and he has a wife and kid.”

Occasional Crying Sessions

Young man with a problem crying

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“Crying. Like an honest-to-god breakdown.”, said one.

“Sometimes after a hard week at work, or some difficult things in my personal life, I can feel this internal pressure that I know is me needing to cry and let it all out.

I think of it as “emotional vomiting” sometimes like all this held in stress and pain just needs to dump itself out.

It doesn’t make the sad, painful, angering, upsetting things of lifeless intense, but it definitely helps with processing those feelings and getting through those hard times.

10/10 recommend a good cry when needed.”, another added.

Scented Shampoos

Young black man wearing casual pink sweater afraid and shocked with surprise and amazed expression, fear and excited face.

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“Scented shampoos. My wife got this stuff that has tea tree, lemon and hemp in it and OMG! Best shower ever. I come out feeling like a new person.”

Peeing Sitting Down

Angry man hater gaze into the camera at the interlocutor.

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“Unless I’m at a urinal or doing it outside, I always pee sitting down. I don’t think a lot of people realize just how much it splatters everywhere when you pee into the water while standing.

Even when you stealth-pee up on the rim above the waterline it still doesn’t help much. Sit down fellas and drastically reduce the frequency with which you have to clean your bathroom.”

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