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17 Things You Didn’t Know About the Opposite Gender

What is one thing you learned about the opposite gender that surprised you so much it felt like breaking news? A netizen recently asked, “What’s the most interesting revelation you’ve had about the opposite gender?”. Below, we’ve curated the most interesting answers!

Girls Get Mad At Guys

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“Girls get mad at guys for not lowering the toilet seat not because they feel it looks better, equality or anything like that but because when they use it at night they don’t turn on the light and have a tendency to fall in.”

They Are Not Impossible To Figure Out

Young caucasian woman isolated on pink background screaming to the sky, looking up, frustrated.

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“That they are not impossible to figure out. Just requires a different perspective and understanding how they process things differently.”

Nutsacks Move All On Their Own

young adult pretty woman screaming in panic or anger, shocked, terrified or furious, with hands next to head

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“Nuts move all on their own. Like the skin flexes and shifts and like crawls up and down twitching. I read it on the internet, called it nonsense, and went and inspected the spouse, and was very very surprised. I learned it in the last few years, I’m not a young person…”

Periods Happen Over Time

Young hispanic girl wearing casual clothes crazy and mad shouting and yelling with aggressive expression and arms raised. frustration concept.

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“I was 16/17 when I found out periods happen over time, not an instant gush of blood that comes out at some random point over a one-week time period.

I blame adverts for panty liners where they poured all the blue liquid out at once.”

Men Don’t Care As Much About Women’s Flaws

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“That men don’t care much about our flaws as we think.”, said one.

“Sometimes I see women talking about how they’re insecure about their hip dips, but I’ve never met a single guy who knows or cares what hip dips are.”, another added.

Women Don’t Stick Sanitary Pads To Themselves

Omg wtf. Tired bored stressed young man covering face with palm. Bothered upset guy. Mistake job loss unemployment.

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“I learnt that they don’t stick those pad things to themselves. They stick it to their underwear. I guess it’s obvious in hindsight.”

Women’s Pants Don’t Have Waist Size And Leg Length

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“Women’s pants don’t have waist size and leg length. Just an arbitrary number. What the hell is a size 3?”

Brassiere Are Super Expensive

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“It was decades ago, but until I lived with a woman I had no clue how expensive brassiere were. I honestly thought they were like underpants — maybe $10 for a three-pack.”

Men Think About The Most Random Stuff At Times


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“Men really do sit there and think about the most random things. You think they’re mad at you, but they’re seriously just contemplating what would happen if oxygen just suddenly disappeared for a brief moment.”

Men Are Incredibly Emotional Humans

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“Men are incredibly emotional humans in a way that deserves so much showing up for and gentleness. I used to believe the stereotypes and didn’t always hold space for men to bring their emotions. But once I began clocking into how some men show up in their emotions, I was able to see how awesome they are in that space.”

Women Shed Crazy Amounts Of Hair


Image Credits: – Yuri A, Shutterstock

“The amount of hair they shed is astounding.”, said one.

“And it gets *everywhere*. There are the usual places like drains and the hoover sure, but occasionally it’ll end up on your socks or just everywhere where you can’t even imagine.”, another added.

Women Really Want To Be Found Interesting

confused and doubtful shrugging shoulders to hold a copy space.

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“Women really want to be found interesting by someone who isn’t trying to sell them something or get them into bed in the next few hours.”

For Some Women, The ‘Awkward’ Dude Happens To Be Their Type

Young handsome man with blue eyes wearing casual sweater standing over pink background In shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth.

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“That there actually are women for whom the awkward, short, skinny, shy dude who gets nervous around them is their exact type. More than you’d think. You just have to be willing to earnestly look for them and not fall into toxic ideas.”

Ladies’ Pockets Are Fake!

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“While doing laundry for me, my wife and two daughters I check pockets to make sure nothing dodgy goes in the machine. It turns out I’m the only one with real pockets. Ladies’ pockets are fake!! They are just stitched on to look like pockets but have no practical use, seriously not a real pocket between all three of them it blows my mind!”

There’s Always A Series Of Reasons When She’s Annoyed

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“She’s never mad about what she’s annoyed about. She was already mad about something and then something else came and annoyed her enough to push her over the edge.”

Men Can’t Spot Stuff That’s Right In Front Of Them

Angry man hater gaze into the camera at the interlocutor.

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“Men cannot see what they’re looking for if it’s right in front of their face – whether it’s their phone on the couch, the salsa in the fridge, their favorite snack in the pantry – the more visually accessible an item, somehow the more camouflaged it seems to be for them. I do not understand, just accept.”

Men Receive Very Few Compliments

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“Until I became friends with my male best friend, I had no idea about how few compliments men receive, both regarding their personality and appearance.

Apparently, in many (not all, I have of course heard different things) male friend circles, you get made fun of and teased if you accomplished something or have a nice new haircut, instead of being told you did great.

Made me really sad, because he is an amazing person and told me in confidence how happy it made him when I say I’m proud of him or even comment on his new pair of sneakers. It had pulled his self-esteem down throughout his whole life.”

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