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15 Stories Of Common People Dating Celebrities. Did You Expect This Crossover?

Has anyone you know/have known ever dated a celebrity?

A netizen recently asked, “‘Normal’ people that dated a celebrity, what was it like?”. Let’s look at the top responses below!


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“My wife briefly dated Louis CK back in 2012. She says it seems awful to be famous. Any time they went out to eat or were in public, they were just constantly interrupted or stared at. 

He came to her birthday party at some little bowling alley in Brooklyn, though, and was pretty cool. The story that always sticks with me is that one day, he went out and bought a $150,000 watch because he felt sad.” 


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“I slept with a woman in a soap opera a few times. I didn’t know it then but recognized her when I was at my grandmother’s, and she had her show playing.” 


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“Not me, but my aunt dated Matthew McConaughey before he was famous. He ended up getting invited to her wedding to my ‘normal’ uncle and proceeded to pass out drunk in the back of my family’s car. He refused to leave, and now my dad refuses to watch his movies!” 


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“I had an English teacher who went on a date with Mark Hamill just after filming Star Wars in the 70’s. She said he was a nice guy and was very humble. 

He said he was a small-time actor and had just finished a new movie he thought might be successful. They only went out once, and she never heard from him again. She saw him in Star Wars a few months later and had her mind blown.” 


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“My friend’s aunt went on a blind date with Gerard Butler of 300(the movie, not the year). There was a big miscommunication because he was looking for a casual thing, and she’s a kindly French-Canadian woman in her fifties, but they both had a laugh about it and enjoyed supper with each other. She said he was very kind and very muscular.” 


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“My mom lived in Key West in the early-mid 80’s. She dated Sting for a while. He had a nice yacht, and they went on a sailing trip during which he realized my mom is psycho (she is). He ended it right after. 

Sometimes, to mess with my dad, I’ll start singing ‘Roxanne’ or ‘Message in a Bottle.'” 


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“Not me, but my cousin dumped Elvis Stojko (figure skater) before he became a thing to date. She always found it weird to see him in the Olympics.” 


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“My sweet nana, who typically only has nice things to say about anyone, was once set up on a date with Chuck Norris through a friend of her cousin. 

My siblings and I found out shortly after the wide circulation of Chuck Norris facts started, so we couldn’t wait to get the details. She told us, ‘he was a lovely man, but honestly a bit of a bore.'” 


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“My cousin will kill me for this, but she dated Steve from Blues Clues about ten years ago. He was weird and was a jerk to her and her mom. All I know is that they dated for like three years, and things were going well at the time, and he just basically ghosted her one day.” 


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“My friend’s mom dated Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s when he opened his gyms. He was quite full of himself and would draw little pictures of himself flexing in the letters he would send her. She broke up with him.” 


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“My aunt went on a date with Jimmy Buffett. She said he picked her up, stopped at a gas station, bought a jar of pickles, and then drove to the beach. They ate pickles, and he took her home.” 


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“Not me, but my aunt dated Logan and Jake Paul’s father, Greg Paul. She only went on two dates with him and figured he was a jerk.”


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“I didn’t date but slept with Amber Heard several times in high school. She was nice, a little quiet, and liked to drink and chill, but she always said weird things like ‘I’m gonna be famous one day, wait and see!’ and we would laugh. Look who’s laughing now, I guess.

She was a private school girl who would hang out with us public schoolers on weekends. She was fun.” 


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“My cousin dated Steve-O for a while; apparently, he was a super nice guy, suitable to the family. She was a waitress and met him at her restaurant.

They started to get more serious, and she wanted him to quit a television show and settle down, which wouldn’t happen. So they went their separate ways on good terms.” 


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“My aunt was engaged to Van Morrison briefly. No interesting stories that I could remember. They were in love, but given the challenges that come with fame, his personality quirks documented in many places, and my aunt’s young age at the time (20), it didn’t work out.

I was told that he would play guitar for the family on Christmas get-togethers.”

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