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15 Most Miserable States in America To Live In

In the United States, some people do not have a great experience with certain states. A netizen recently asked, “What is the worst United States state and why?”. Below are the top responses: 


7. angry confused woman

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“Mississippi. As a man of color, surprisingly, I’ve never really had to face the whole, getting pulled over for no reason thing until I went to Mississippi, and it happened three times. 

Plus, one of the times, the police inspector told me to sit in his passenger seat while he asked me questions for an hour before he let me go. Screw Mississippi.”


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“Delaware. Why? Seems normal, right? But, and this is entirely true, there are fewer human beings in that state, and there are incorporated businesses: fewer than 1 million people and more than one million business entities.  

That’s messed up. Entirely and utterly messed up. They are all incorporated there because Delaware has incredibly favorable liability and privacy laws. Seriously. Humans don’t run that state for humans. It’s all the businesses.”


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“Rhode Island simply because it’s as much a state as Pluto is a planet,” said one.

“The most crooked little state with the longest name,” another added.


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“Ohio. Most of the astronauts have come from Ohio. Something about that state makes people want to leave the planet.” 


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“I’ve been to all 50 states, and I nominate Kansas. It was super boring,” said one. 

“Native Kansan here. I’m surprised it was so low on the list. I loved growing up there, but nothing is redeeming about it. Except for that sweet, sweet barbeque,” another added. 


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“Have any of you been to Wyoming? It’s like a whole state of people at Walmart,” said one. 

“Yes, Wyoming. Nothing to see here, folks. It’s not worth the trip. Just stay out of the parks. You don’t like being outside anyway, right?” another added.


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“I made the mistake of trying to get together when I was 22 by attending Nebraska. I don’t know how I survived.” 


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West Virginia. I live here. It isn’t perfect. The population is dropping like a brick because of our 19th-century infrastructure and reliance on a coal industry that’s dying out. Legislature and governor are more concerned with the hot-button conservative talking points than actual governance, and the undereducated electorate would rather hurt themselves than help anyone even though they claim we ‘look out for each other,’ hurtful, hateful people. 

Even the democrats are conservatives, led by the biggest embarrassment in the United States Senate. Workers are willing to work too hard for half of what people in other states get for the same jobs. 

‘Mountaineers are nearly free’ should be the state motto because we sure as hell don’t charge much to work for all the out-of-state companies that come in and exploit our labor while sending profits out and not paying a dime in taxes.”


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“Louisiana, no doubt. It has extremely high taxes, stupid infrastructure, and corruption for days.”


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“Utah’s legislation is almost completely controlled by the church (Mormon). We passed a vote not long ago, but the church was upset, so they amended it to favor their beliefs. 

Also, no alcohol can be acquired on Sunday or past 7 pm on a weekday. No alcohol delivery is allowed, period. That’s just a few things.” 


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“Texas is a cult that pretends to be a state when it needs something, that preaches no interference from big government, all the while interfering in all forms of government.” 


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“Indiana, lowly educated people, and bible thumpers. Cops are jerks, too. Born there, I live in Chicago now,” said one.

“There’s no redeeming qualities of Indiana other than a few waffle houses, wind turbines, and Three Floyds,” another added.


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“Illinois. Check out how many of our past governors are in prison.” 


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“Not sure about the state overall, but I am sick of Kentucky’s senators holding the country hostage (MacConnell and Rand Paul),” said one. 

“Kentuckian here. We’re awful in all the ways you would associate with the South, but we’ve got bourbon and Red River Gorge going for us,” another added. 


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“Arkansas! Some time ago, we only had 8 ICU (Intensive Care Unit) beds available in the entire state, and we threw away 80,000 unused vaccines that went bad within a few weeks.

If an Arkansan ever says, ‘We’re in this together,’ ask for their proof of vaccination. Whether they are or aren’t, you should still slap them for saying that.” 

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