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15 Social Issues That Are Often Overlooked, But Shouldn’t Be

We often pursue our dreams and goals but tend to overlook social issues.

A user asked the forum, “What social issue do you feel isn’t discussed enough?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Most people leave high school without enough awareness of mental health or coping skills.”


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“Work burnout. It hurts seeing people who are very good at their jobs being pushed to the point of a breakdown; having more paid vacation would do wonders.”



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“The loneliness epidemic, loneliness is often interchangeable with depression, but they’re different.”


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“Fear of failure. Failing is just a part of the cycle of improvement. Failure gives us a chance to learn and grow. Unless it’s skydiving, then you’ll only fail once.”


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“The degree of flakiness has taken over society. I can’t be the only one hesitant to initiate social gatherings with friends or acquaintances I’d like to get to know better because I know there’s a good chance they’ll cancel. I mean, before COVID-19. 

I know life happens, and sometimes you can’t control it. It would be nice if people put more effort into being somewhere because they said they’d be there.


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“Discrimination against Asian and Indian men. Especially in the media, primarily sitcoms.”


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“That slavery is still legal in the United States. Go read the 13th amendment very carefully.”


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“How disgustingly racist Canada is.”


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“Life essential skills aren’t taught in school if not taught at home. It’s a place for learning; teach them something other than boring.”


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“The amount of people who feel comfortable littering. Especially how free people feel with their cigarette stubs and how people spit their gum out everywhere.”



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“This is just as much an economic issue as it is social but the lack of desire to be a skilled tradesman anymore. We are a dying breed because, for the most part, the latest generation are unwilling to put time in or are too soft to handle a hard day’s work.”


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“Issues facing boys and men. American schools function in a way that is very biased against boys. Boys are overmedicated and punished for their behavior. Men face serious uphill battles with family law, and that’s just a handful. All the talk of gender equality is specific to women. Boys and men are left behind in the gender equality movement, in my opinion.

I learned much from the book The Boy Crisis by Dr Warren Farrell.”


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“The genocide of the inhabitants of South America by the Spaniards.”


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“People substitute the ‘I need to look after myself first’ philosophy as an excuse to be selfish and ignore how their actions affect others.”


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“Parents should be held responsible for their children’s actions. When a person receives condemnation, or when a crime is committed, the person’s parents should be held accountable as well for bringing awareness to them.

Otherwise, society will always be whole of entitled parents, i.e. parents who are used to mentally abusing their kids with toxic behavior because it’s not a crime.”

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