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15 Cringeworthy Ways Older People Try to Stay Hip and Relevant

As people grow old, they exhibit certain signs that indicate that they are trying their best to come off as cool and become one with Generation Z. An internet user asked, “What is something that screams ‘this older person is trying to seem cool and young’?”. Below are the top responses:


2. skateboard

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“Wearing a red jacket over a gray shirt and a red cap, carrying a skateboard, and asking his fellow kids how they’re doing.” 


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“Almost everything Madonna has done in the last ten years to remain relevant desperately.”


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“Pink tracksuit and no rules in their house,” said one. 

“I’m not a regular mom; I’m a cool mom,” another added. 


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“I recently suggested that my husband and I get T-shirts with ‘Based Mom’ and ‘Chad Dad.’ My kids were not impressed.”


stupor surprised funny face expression

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“I saw a guy having an affair, and he was in his late 40’s to early 50’s. He started wearing skinny jeans, got his ear pierced and shaved the sides of his head with hair longer on top so it swished around. Complete bozo!” 


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“Being a victim to all the fashion trends. I used to work with someone like that. Part of the fun of getting older is finding your style and not having to worry so much about what’s cool and what’s not and picking and choosing what new items you like.

For example, I’m not giving up skinny jeans/jeggings anytime soon, but my nap dress got me through the sticky days of August!”


9. crazy woman 1

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“Teachers putting memes from 2010 and dead trends from the late 2010s into their slideshow.”


crazy woman with pink hair

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“I’m a kindergarten teacher with purple hair. Five-year-olds think I’m cool.” 


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“Jeff Bezos in his hip-hugging pants.” 


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“Using teenager slang. They always make it sound so weird and awkward.” 


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“Adults buying alcohol or drugs for teenagers. They weren’t popular when they were kids, so they do this to seem cool and young to teenagers.” 


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“I got my first black Converse at 55. It might seem like I’m trying to be cool and young. I’m trying to be Debbie Harry, cool and old.”


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“Nightclubs, not all, but some are cringe to hang out past a certain age.”



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“Everything about Drake.”


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“A ridiculous sports car. I have a race car in my garage, a Cherry Shelby GT500 that I rarely drive. I’m about to be 69 years old, and I drive carefully anyway. I drive my Jeep.”

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