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15 Real Reason Why High School-ers From the 80s Looked So Much Older

Do you also have the impression that teenagers in the 90s looked more mature than teenagers today?

An internet user asked, “Why do you suppose high schoolers from the 80’s and early 90’s looked so much older than the high schoolers now?

Just watched my girlfriend’s senior video from 1993. All of the kids there looked like they were pushing 30!” Let’s have a look at other people’s opinions.

It’s The Hairstyle

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“There’s an altered image of the Golden Girls TV cast that puts them in modern hair. They instantly look 20 years younger. Once you associate a hairstyle with an era, anyone with that hairstyle looks old.”

No Sunscreen And Smoking Cigarettes

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“No sunscreen and smoking cigarettes age you faster.”

Skincare And Makeup

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“Our skincare was Noxzema, Sea Breeze, and Carmex. Our makeup was chalky, waxy, and thick.”

Lack Of Filters

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“I think it’s the lack of filters. People nowadays look totally different in pictures than they do in person. Those grainy 35mm B&W photos aren’t doing anyone any favors!”

The Sun Exposure

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“We grew up outside. Not for parts of the day, but the entire day! We didn’t get home until the street lights turned on. The sun ages you faster.”

The Style Of The Time

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“The style of the time made people look older. I looked pretty young for my age in 1990. I was 15. High schoolers now look baby-faced.”

We Assume That Looks Come With the Age

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“It’s because they look different and those differences are things we associate with older age because either they were the older kids when we were in school or because we’ve seen them at an older age with those differences so we assume that look comes with age, not just what they looked like.”

We Grew Up In A Real World

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“Other than fashion and how it ages like mentioned — we grew up in a different way. We were out there living our lives and not trapped in our phones / online world. In some ways these new generations are exposed to more at a young age, but in a more virtual way.

Whereas, we experienced a lot in real life/ in person kind of ways. It kinda shows in our generational differences and our looks/vibes at the time. I’ll accept any down votes if I get’em…. just saying it how I see it.”

Having More Muscle Bulk Makes You Look Older

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“I was a kid in the 70’s and 80’s. We had to exercise to have fun or to do anything, really. Being fit and having 20 to 30 pounds more muscle bulk makes you look older.”

Micro Plastics And Experience

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“There’s a Ted talk on how microplastics are in all of our food and it is causing males sperm counts to drop something like 1% per year. I’m gonna take a leap here and say that sperm count isn’t the only thing affected by microplastics.

It’s not just their hairstyle, their build, their facial hair and the baby face look is something that is noticeable more so today than before.

The other factor is experience. Do you ever notice a marine looks like a marine, a convict looks like a convict or a cop looks like a cop? Everything has a look. A doctor, a painter, a professor, it’s not just their clothes, you could pick them out of a crowd if everyone was dressed the same.

Well, high school kids and young adults have less social experience overall than the generations before. It’s an experience you see in the older generations that you don’t see in the faces of teens today. Your experiences give you a look and young adults today look like children in big bodies.”

The Tendency To Retain The Style

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“People tend to retain the style that was ‘in’ when they were of that age to some degree. It’s why skinny jeans forever look wrong and weird to me being late Gen X. Lunch ladies in the 90’s still had hairdos that were relics of the Farrah Fawcett look and older styles in their day.

That plus the kids of that day went outside more. You don’t see kids self-organizing sports or playing hopscotch or riding bikes all the time as my feral generation or those who came before. The video games weren’t as all engrossing either. A little NES, then outside to play baseball, all without adult intervention.”

Like Parents, Like Children

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“I think that teens today have different styles than adults today whereas teens in the 80’s had the same hairstyles as their parents. Not sure if that makes sense but I had the same hairstyle as my mom growing up. Please tell me I am not the only one?”

Reducing Testosterone Levels

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“Testosterone levels are dropping rapidly. It could be the reason for such youthful appearances at older ages.”

Life Was Different

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“Every high school student back then flunked a few years before high school. We lived more.

Didn’t have screens that weren’t at home. Had to get out and imagine. Get dirty. Get injured. Life was different.”

Abuse, Alcoholic Parents, Etc

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“Abuse, alcoholic parents, publicly acceptable to beat your children, and all the other nonsense that went on back then like cocaine, harassment, etc. Societal problems that caused undue stress that kids no longer have equals healthier, longer living future generations.”

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