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15 Reasons People Are Single (You Can Relate To Them)

While some people are obsessed with relationships, some people prefer to be single. They all have their reasons. Some choose singleness, while others might be facing challenges in finding the right partner. A user asked the forum, “What’s the primary reason you’re still single?”

 Here are the top reasons!


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“Because I have zero confidence.”


stressed woman with headache, vertigo, dizziness, migraine, hangover

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“Healing, so I can pull someone into serenity instead of chaos.”


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“I just don’t want to interact with someone when I’m at home, relaxing. Interacting with people is honestly exhausting.”


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“Because I’m not attractive enough for dating apps, don’t go out to the cliche meetup spots, most of my hobbies are solo, and I have zero friends to introduce me to others.”


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“Honestly, I tend to get overly attached in relationships, and right now, I feel my mental health isn’t in a place to handle that intensity. I must prioritize getting to a healthier space mentally before diving into something serious.”


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“I’m old, ugly, and weird. Cool as hell, though.”


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“I’m nothing special, so I don’t stand out. There’s too much competition.”


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“Depression, anxiety, and a lot of medical problems. I’ve been single for four years now. Out of all the medical issues I have, though, the loneliness problem I have hurts a lot worse than others.

 Dealing with everything while being alone just makes everything weigh heavier on you.”


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“I’m scared to get hurt.”


“It’s hard to find someone compatible.”


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“No one has ever mutually liked me back that I’m aware of. I found out years later someone had a crush on me, and they said they didn’t ask me out because I was ‘intimidating’. At that point, they’re already married with kids, so why even tell me?

 I would like to meet someone, but I’m not the girl that ever gets approached when out and about or asked out on dates. Even online dating was a bust.”


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“A lot of chronic health issues. Not good karma to burden/ruin someone else’s life with my never-ending problems.”


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“It’s not worth dealing with someone’s weird stuff.”


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“I’m ugly with high standards. I don’t blame anyone else for it or pout. I just know my place.”


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“As soon as things start going well, my brain says, ‘Quick! Start ignoring her texts for no real reason other than your fear of getting close to others!’.”

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