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15 Presidents Who Were Once Misunderstood, Yet History Proved Them Right

Despite initial doubts, some presidents found validation for their decisions or actions years later. A user asked the forum, “What President was vindicated years later?”

Here are the top responses.


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“Andrew Johnson for buying Alaska. The Cold War would’ve been very different if Russia had Alaska.”


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“Lyndon Baines Johnson knew as soon as he signed the Civil Rights Act that he lost the Dixiecrats and the South. He did so anyway, knowing it was right, despite his party practically begging him not to do it. Years later, the support they get from civil rights is keeping them in power.”



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“George Herbert Walker Bush got a lot of criticism for not pushing into Iraq to take out Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, partially because he knew the mess it would cause.

A dozen years later, his very own son did the opposite thing and got the job done, only to destabilize the region and cause hundreds of thousands of lives lost.”


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“I think Truman is the best example of this. He was extremely unpopular due to firing MacArthur and the economy. He is now seen as one of the best presidents.”


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“Jimmy Carter, about the oligarchy in the United States and solar panels.”



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“I didn’t like him at the time, but history will remember Obama very well considering the dirty show that happened after he left.”


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“Grant was still viewed as the worst president of all time as recently as the mid-20th century; now he is considered at least a decently good president.”


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“Lincoln. He was very controversial during his presidency because of wartime necessities, but after it became clear the Union would win, any doubts about him dissipated. His martyrdom at Ford Theater cemented his reputation as one of America’s greatest heroes.”


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“John Fitzgerald Kennedy became instantly more respected and popular after his death. No?”


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“Calvin Coolidge has become more popular with small-government advocates because he was one of the last of his kind.”


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“Eisenhower talked about the military-government industrial complex and was kinda laughed at, but he’s been proven right.”


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“Nixon may have been a crook, but his foreign Policy skills were second to none. His successors of both parties frequently consulted him.”


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“Ford was. In a way. But the pendulum seems to have swung back again against letting people get away with crimes.”


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“Buchanan was considered the worst president until Trump vindicated him.”


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“Everything John Quincy Adams said after his presidency and time in the House of Representatives.

He successfully predicted exactly how slavery was going to have to be addressed and the immoral stain it would leave on all those who defended it.”

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