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15 Physical Traits That Will Reveal Hidden Truths About Your Character

While no physical trait can definitively reveal a person’s character, some traits may offer clues about a person’s personality or disposition. A user asked the forum, “What’s a physical trait that instantly reveals something undeniable about a person’s character?.”

Here are some responses he got!


Young hispanic woman standing over pink background pointing to the eye watching you gesture, suspicious expression

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“You’ll know it when you see it. Some people look at you with eyes that are dead and cold even when they’re smiling.”


Portrait of shocked woman with freckles and classic green dress. studio shot on silver gray background.

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“One long fingernail = shady character.”


Young beautiful African American afro woman with curly hair wearing red casual sweater peeking in shock covering face and eyes with hand, looking through fingers with embarrassed expression.

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“Don’t mess with dudes with cauliflower ear.”


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“As someone with anxiety, slouched posture, fidgeting hands, and eyes that wander during conversations.

I have been working on these, but they’re my tells of nervousness.”


Stressed casual young woman isolated in a white background

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“There’s something weird about the top shirt button being done up without wearing a tie.”


Frustrated young girl shrugging shoulders isolated over gray background. I do not know where to spend her vacation, what destination to choose.

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“I bite my fingernails down to nubs… I think this tells people a lot about me pretty quickly.”


Photo of young girl angry mad aggressive displeased look empty space isolated over yellow color background.

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“Face tattoo, that person is a risk taker. Good or bad.”


Woman with mask in funny concept

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“Burn victims are (in my experience) dramatically more likely to have lost a past Agni Kai to their father.”


Emotional stress. Stressed businesswoman. Frustrated caucasian young woman in formalwear holding head in hands and looking at camera while standing outdoors

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“People with those big, wide eyes are crazy.

Learned a lot of people don’t know the difference between perfectly normal, naturally big eyes vs. crazy eyes.”


surprised and shocked teenage girl isolated against grey studio background

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“These people usually have a vision issue that needs correction.”


Beautiful young blonde woman wearing colored sweater afraid and shocked, surprise and amazed expression with hands on face

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“What I mean by hygiene is the physical evidence of a person’s ability/willingness to care for themselves.”


confused and doubtful shrugging shoulders to hold a copy space.

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“Men with really thin lips have been idiots in my experience.”


Woman shouting angry to another one isolated on a white background.

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“That bitter, harsh mouth that only develops when you are a bitter, harsh person.”


Young furious woman with opened mouth and mad look gesturing against gray background

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“Types of wrinkles that they have. Some you got from worrying, some from laughing and 



young handsome man pointing forward at camera with both fingers and angry expression, telling you to do your duty against orange wall

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“Flow of sound from speech (sounds like confidence).”

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