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15 Things People Could Kill About Traveling, But They Probably Can’t

Travel lovers, what is the one thing you would most like to remove from your travel experiences?

An internet user asked, “If there was one thing you could kill about the traveling experience, what would it be?”. We’ve compiled the best responses below.

The ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ At The Airports

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“The ‘hurry up and wait’ at the airports. How far in advance you have to get there, the waiting then to get on the plane, the waiting at the place. The lines, etc. You rush to get there early enough, then you wait.”

The Ever-Degrading State Of Air Travel


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“The ever-degrading state of air travel. Every flight is more crowded than the last. My seat is smaller and less adjustable.”

The Lack Of Wheelchair Accessibility


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“The lack of wheelchair accessibility in most countries, especially in modern constructions. Searching for hours for a bathroom or a place to eat, constantly being turned away from the things you want to do and see, and falling out of my chair because countries with every ability to make themselves accessible simply choose not to is incredibly disheartening.

Of course, it’s far worse for the people who live in those countries, but it feels awful when you spend all this time and money planning only to be thwarted by a staircase.”

The Seats In Planes


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“The seats in planes are my kryptonite. I just can’t sleep upright or at an angle and my body literally hurts after a long flight lol. The premium economy doesn’t even cut it for me. I hope they engineer it one day where everyone can lie flat.”

The Pickpocket Fear

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“Worry about pickpockets in some cities. I’d like to be able to put my phone in my pocket or just stop to look at architecture and scenery without having the idea of theft in the back of my mind.”

The US To Europe Flights Leaving Too Late

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“I wish flights to Europe from the US did not leave so damn late. Every outbound flight is in the evening and unless you are paying for the first class you’re not getting any decent sleep. You arrive early at the destination (before typical check-in times) feeling like total crap.

I’d like more options the other way, leave at 6 am/7 am and arrive there later in the evening then get some real sleep.”

The Unpredictable Flight Changes

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“The numerous and unpredictable flight changes that mess up the plan and require you to modify lodging, car rentals, etc.”

TSA Agents

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“TSA agents, are they all rude? Honestly, we are coming off of COVID restrictions and while in the cue waiting for instructions to move or not move, go left, go right, step back, stay back. Most will yell out instructions like we are idiots.”

The ‘Aisle Seat’ Trading

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“People asking (and sometimes *expecting*) me, a solo traveling female, to trade my aisle seat for whatever stupid seat they got. Instead of going bonkers on me, why don’t you move on to ask the solo guy across the aisle from me?

Oh yeah, he’s obviously doing important guy stuff and I’m just a girl so it’s okay to harass me to the point where I need to get the flight attendant involved.

NB: this doesn’t always happen but it happens often enough. Apparently, I look like a pushover or something?”

The Awkward Selfie Pause

wow shocked.

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“Everyone taking selfies everywhere and I have to stop and wait.”

Crazy Travelers

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“People who carry on too much stuff and people who drink too much and get out of control.

The former is what causes most of the boarding order shenanigans and on-board fights over bin space.

The latter causes most of the in-flight behavior problems.

Honorable mention: People who want to sit together but don’t plan ahead for this or couldn’t plan ahead and expect others to accommodate them.”

Ryanair’s Refusal To Honor International Law When It Comes To Flight Cancelation

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“Ryanair’s refusal to honor international law with their canceled flights – leaving you on your own with no customer support, looking up another way home on the internet, then paying out of pocket for same-day travel, or an overnight hotel.

They say you can just ask them to reimburse you but they almost always deny your request when you send it in.”

The Garbage Problem

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“The litter and garbage problem that you experience in many countries.”

Obese People Spilling Over Into Multiple Seats


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“Honestly, obese people spill over into multiple seats that refuse to buy more than one. No one cares that you’re fat, they care that you’re literally spilling over and sitting on top of another human that fits inside their airplane seat.

You know damn well you can’t fit, but expect your gut to be sitting on your neighbor’s lap. They should either force them to buy a second seat at the gate or deny them together for not buying a second seat online.

The entitlement is insane.”

The Inability To Be Flexible And Spontaneous With Food

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“The inability to be flexible and spontaneous with food. I have celiac disease so traveling, especially to anywhere that isn’t a major city, requires detailed planning and bringing my food with me. No McDonald’s/CFA/Wendy’s/etc when I need a road trip snack.”

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