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Frugality Crossed: 15 Wild Exploits Even Cheapskates Wouldn’t Consider

Ever wondered about things that even the most frugal folks wouldn’t dare to do?

A user asked the forum, “What is something people have done that even cheapskates don’t?” Here are the top responses. 


7. angry confused woman

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“I worked in car rental, and we would often take people to court for theft or fraud.”


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“In a big toy store when I was super young, I stole a Lego set that I wanted but had nothing of money to my name, so I ripped off the bar code and threw it under the shelves, walked right out, no beeps or people looking weird at me. 

Just recently, I was in that same store again for a huge Lego set that I did have funds for, so I just bought it. I checked, and the ripped-off code remained there after ten years.”


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“I worked for an insurance cleaning company. Someone had a small fire, and their insurance company would replace all the furniture. So we loaded up a fairly new Broyhill living room and dining set into a dumpster. 

I rented a truck, went back and took it all out of the dumpster, took it home, and professionally cleaned it. We even had an ozone machine, so there was no smell. I still have the dining room set.”


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“This one involved an inside man and a bit of planning, but once, I ordered a pizza where my friend was the delivery guy. He said it took about 15 mins for them to complete the order, so after ordering, I phoned again and canceled the order. 

My inside guy, who just so happened to be finishing his shift, asked his manager if there were any order mistakes, and voila! Free pizzas.”


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“My housemate moved out and left her bed for the new housemate replacing her. Before the new girl moved in, I swapped my mattress with her mattress because it was a much better one. It was over ten years ago.”


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“English 2 pence coins replaced Canadian dollar coins in several meters and vending machines until the technology got better. Used 100s of 2 pence over the years.”


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“At Costco and legit saw a guy return a used empty pie plate.”


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“In Canada in the ’90s, you could deposit an empty envelope into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and draw the fake funds out of your account if you needed cash in a pinch. It helped! 

If you managed to do it on a Friday and return the funds before Monday, no one was the wiser. I did it for a whole single college semester payment. About 400$ Canadian Dollars at the time and then get it back later from OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program).”


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“Get an iced espresso, pop in that free milk or cream or half and half, and you got yourself a poor man’s latte.”


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“Back in my early 20s, when I was somehow more broke than I am now, I sometimes would get up early in the morning and head over to the nearest Holiday Inn (or whichever hotel, I don’t remember exactly which one) and eat at their free continental breakfast so I could have food for the day.”


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“Once my Play Station 4 controller stopped charging. So I went to the store and bought a new one. Swapped out the internal parts. Then returned it.”


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“I donated 300$ to a GoFundMe for my friend’s brother’s cancer treatment. He died the week after I called the charity and got my money back.”


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“I bought a new laptop two years ago, and I dropped it while plugged in, causing the barrel plug to break on the charger. I made a dodgy repair and used it until my sister asked me to get her a new laptop this summer. Once hers arrived, I realized it had an identical power supply to mine; I then pretended it had a defect. I went as far as to transfer all the identification stickers between the power supplies and got a ‘replacement’ shipped. 

The only issue was that they wanted the faulty one back. I planned to fix it as well as possible, having stated in my previous interactions that I had attempted to fix it. I then just waited, and instead of sending me warnings to return it, they seemingly forgot. Now I have a new power supply and saved £67.”


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“I couldn’t buy a new motor for the window in my old 2006 Fiesta, so we cut a length of wood and put two screws through it to wedge the window in place.”


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“Not me, but my friend back in university was going to play a ball hockey game, and it was too cheap to buy hockey gloves and a Jockstrap. He asked if he could borrow mine. I let him borrow my gloves but refused the Jockstrap. He borrowed someone else’s.

The jerk broke my gloves, and when I brought up the issue, he ‘fixed it’ with duct tape. Still borrowing another man’s Jockstrap.”

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