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15 “Non-Religious” Cults That Almost Feel Religious. Are You Guilty Of Being A Part Of Any?

So many fads are turning into some “divine” stuff people follow with an “almost religious” devotion. A netizen recently asked, “What’s something that isn’t a religion but pretty much feels like one?”. Below are the top responses!


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“I take a Zumba class and see it everywhere. It tastes so gross, but the Mexican ladies of the class think it’s a miracle drink.”


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“Religions deal with a belief. Believe that your God or sports team is the best. The belief that you can make it through.

Multi-level marketing deals with disbelief. You couldn’t possibly have fallen for a scam. You can’t just give up on such a bright future. You can’t fail when it’s so easy to succeed. So yeah, it’s like the anti-religion.”


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“K-pop fandoms. I’m an outsider, not into K-pop much. I heard a few songs like Bang Bang Bang by Bigbang, Antifragile by Le Sserafim, and Nxde by (G)I-DLE, to name a few, and saw that the fans couldn’t accept any criticism towards their idols, especially Blinks and Army’s. 

For example, I saw Blinks fight with Ounces (the fandom of TWICE, a nine-member group) about the best girl group.”


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“Don’t get me wrong, they do good work. They have helped a lot of people in their struggles with addiction. But it’s a little like a cult. Communion consists of coffee and cigarettes.”


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“There was a big drama the other day on French Twitter. An economist explained that Bitcoin was nothing else than a means for money laundering, scams, payments, and speculation. It was not well received. Their facts were, ‘You didn’t do your research or what will you do when the banking system collapses.’ In other words, not far from the ones stocking up food and water in a shelter.”


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“Andrew Tate’s college of learning how to be an alpha male. People paid thousands to be told to go to the gym and invest money they didn’t have into stocks that fell off a few months later.”


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“Astrology. Oh, and the people that believe they can buy ‘healing crystals’ from a store that burns enough incense to give you a headache.”


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“Various diets like diehard keto people or carnivore people. The content that gets put out feels so predatory and misleading.”


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“I had to scroll too far to find the Harry Potter Fandom. I’ve seen people legitimately list their ‘Hogwarts House’ on their dating profile unironically.” 


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“Taylor Swift Fans. I like her songs, but when I meet people who like her. They go crazy insane, and it’s the only music they listen to 24/7. I met one fan with $2k left in her savings and still spent it on a Taylor Swift concert. All her money is gone. If someone makes bad comments about Taylor, the fans go bonkers.”


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“People’s obsession with dogs. If you say you dislike dogs, they act like you’ve killed someone.”


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“Exercise or, rather, the people who have their whole life revolve around fitness. Being physically fit is important, but I cannot stand people who treat it like the end all be all of their existence. I don’t mean athletes who invest their lives in playing a specific sport. 

In that case, exercise is a means to achieve their goal. I mean the people who constantly talk about their gym routine, post-workout photos from the locker room, and generally make people who don’t exercise as much feel like subhumans.”


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“Apple users. I don’t know who is using what, but I hear more about how great people’s iPhones are than I do from religious people who go knocking on doors.”


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“Current politics. There is a correct way to act; if you step out of line, you get called out, ostracized, and may be canceled.”


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“Atheism. There are those who 100% treat it like their religion. I don’t believe in Santa Claus, but I will make not believing in Santa my whole personality.”

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