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15 Things Women Say That Are Huge Turn-Offs for Men

Men, have you ever had a woman say something to you that was truly unattractive? If so, share your story with us today!

A netizen recently asked, “What’s the most unattractive thing a woman has said to you?”. The Original Poster (OP) adds, “My old work crush came to our get-together and demanded I pay for her food ($10). I didn’t invite her, we were out as a group, I didn’t flirt with her or send signals and we earn the same. It was so bizarre and cringeworthy, I stopped talking to her the whole night.”

Below are the top responses.

The Depression Hater

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“I wouldn’t have married you if I knew there was a possibility you would experience depression.”

The Proud Cheater

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“A girl I was meeting said she cheated on her ex-boyfriend with 4 different guys when she was on vacation.”

The Self-Obsessed Maniac

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“‘You’re lucky I’m even giving you a date. Most men never get this far with me.’

I stuck it out politely until the end of the meal, bid her farewell, and blocked her toxic self on my phone immediately afterward.

I’m not opposed to women having standards, but this was something else.”

The Oxy Smoker

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“I went out on a date with a woman… while we were talking, she coughed a lot and then she said ‘Sorry, I’ve been smoking too much oxy lately.’ We did not see each other after that.

Kind of funny now that I think about it but yeah, I will pass on the oxy smokers lol.”

The Validation Seeker

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“A girl I matched with on a dating site told me that she knows a lot of guy friends outside of work and at work have a crush on her, and she dresses for the validation she gets from them, and lives off of it.

She said she knows that she might be leading some guys on, and giving them the wrong signals, but she has no intentions of stopping or trying to fix her self-image issues because using them for validation was much easier than taking the effort to address her mental health issues causing this.

All the beauty and adorableness I saw in her, vanished in an instant.”

The Black Woman Who Hated Blacks

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“She would not stop talking about how much she hated black people. I was completely thrown off guard since she was black herself. I ended up leaving that date early and paid for my half of the meal and tipped out the server.”

The Interviewer

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” ‘What do you bring to the table?’ I was so confused because we were barely talking, and I wasn’t sure how to even answer that. Doesn’t help that she was a bit drunk but the way she delivered the line really rubbed me the wrong way.”

The Cocaine Fan

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“My high school GF of 2 weeks asking me if I’ve ever tried cocaine… and then getting mad at me for not having the slightest interest.”

The Polygamy Enthusiast

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“A woman told me she was incapable of monogamy because she needed the attention/validation from multiple men fighting over her.

I declined to pursue it further and she stepped on my foot with a stiletto heel trying to force her way into my bedroom lol. She didn’t like being told ‘no’.”

The Racist

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“I hooked up with someone a couple of times and the final time I noticed she had the SS lightning bolts tattooed on her wrist (she had it covered with a watch band before).

When I called her on it she claimed that it’s really not so much about white supremacy as ‘family’ and ‘sticking together.’

I noped out really fast.”

The Gold Digger Ultra Pro Max

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“‘You’re not the man I’m supposed to date now, you’re the man I’m supposed to marry later.’

Translated: I want to hook up with the bad boys now, but you make a lot of money so can you stay single so I can use your wealth later when I want to settle down?”

The Pigeon Killer

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“I hate pigeons, sometimes I try to run them over with my car, but I never succeeded.”

The Indecent Commenter


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“These two ladies walked past me once when I was walking my French bulldogs. You know, the dogs that look like frogpigbats?

One of them told me she loved the dogs and before I am even past them she says loudly to her friend ‘OMG, you know how they say people look just like their dogs!!!’

I still think about it. It’s probably been 8 or 9 years.”

The Attitude-Laden Hottie


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“A truly smoking hot woman one time said ‘everybody wants me’ with the attitude that she was the greatest thing ever created. She instantly became nothing to me, and I never spoke to her again.”

The Richy-Rich Seeker


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“A girl I liked said she was looking for a guy who would pay all her bills.”

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