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15 Physical Traits That Might Make You Less Dateable

Physical attraction is an essential factor in many romantic relationships. However, it’s important to remember that everyone has different preferences, and what one person finds attractive, another person may find off-putting. A user asked the forum, “What is the most off-putting physical characteristic a romantic partner can have?”

 Here are some responses he got!


angry woman with teeth

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“The number of people who never go to the dentist is crazy, and I’m referring to people who could easily afford it.”


caucasian guy with red hair showing emotion terrible noise. handsome redheaded men wearing in casual t-shirt. Portrait ginger young caucasian man on grey background

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“Loud gross eaters. The kind of people who snort and grunt while eating, slurp loudly, and have random food debris on their face while eating.”


young pretty woman screaming in panic or anger, shocked, terrified or furious, with hands next to head

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“Greasy, unkempt, unwashed hair and beard. You could run a comb through or shave it off if you can’t be bothered.”


Annoyed African-American young man in red casual shirt showing thumb down, expresses disagreement with grimace on the face, latin guy left bad review, dislike gesture

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“The ‘fake aesthetic’ immediately kills any attraction for me. I’ve heard it’s called the ‘Instagram aesthetic,’ too.

 The lip fillers, super waxed eyebrows sculpted into place, nose jobs, cheek implants, Brazilian butt lifts, and more. It is the most unattractive in the world.”



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“I couldn’t date a smoker, personally.”


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“Terribly shaped beards. 95% of the guys on apps shouldn’t have beards. You look like a cracked-out street Gandalf. Scraggly thin ends, growing in every direction. Get it shaped, sir! No matter how good their bio is, I can’t swipe on them.”


Beautiful young caucasian woman wearing casual winter sweater disgusted expression, displeased and fearful doing disgust face because aversion reaction. with hands raised

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“Just can’t see past it. I used to go out with this smoking hot Canadian, a 10/10 from the ankles up, but if I couldn’t see her feet during physical therapy.”


Young caucasian woman wearing pink sweater over isolated background crazy and mad shouting and yelling with aggressive expression and arms raised. frustration concept.

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“An unpopular opinion, but I’ve never been into guys with huge muscles, like built to the point they can barely put their arms down flat at their sides. I feel like I would be crushed just hugging them, and it doesn’t seem comfortable to cuddle with. I’m into skinny/lean guys or even guys with just a little chub.”


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“Dirty fingernails are so gross. Now, if they just got off work that gets their hands dirty, that’s one thing, but if it’s the weekend and there’s still grime under there, I’m going to assume the rest of the body is also nasty.”


Young blond curly hair caucasian man isolated doubting and shrugging shoulders in questioning gesture.

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“Bodies are all different, but everyone can put some effort into being presentable (varies based on a standard day versus special outing, and more.).”


disgusted person

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“Unkempt armpit hair. I’m a woman who shaves my pits because I just don’t care for it. If other women like to go unshaven, that’s cool for them.

 But guys, you don’t have to shave it off, but it wouldn’t kill you to keep it neat and trimmed and not have globs of deodorant hanging in there.”


I dont want to. Studio shot of a young woman making a funny face against a gray background

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“Those big gaping earlobe holes some people give themselves.”


Caucasian plus size woman standing over pink background disgusted expression, displeased and fearful doing disgust face because aversion reaction.

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“I can look past being overweight. But being straight-up obese is a definite turnoff.”


Shocked beautiful woman in eyeglasses grabbing her head isolated over beige wall

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“Being a lot taller than me. I’m a really short woman (150cm), and if a man is so tall that I look like a kid walking next to him, it’s off-putting to me. I want to talk to or kiss my partner standing up.

My current boyfriend is a little under 180cm tall. It fits perfectly. Yes, I sometimes get on tippy toes to kiss him, but we can manage standing on even ground.”


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“I can put up with some women’s demonic attributes; the horns are handy even, but those cloven hooves are an assault on my shins and feet.”

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