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15 Life-Changing Mistakes You Should AVOID at All Costs, Are You?

Everyone makes mistakes, but some mistakes can have a lasting impact on your life. Here are 15 life-changing mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

A user asked, what mistake will you never make again? and here are the top picks

1. Getting Back Together With An Ex

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“Getting back together with an ex, thinking things would be different this time.”

“My main rule for dating was that there was a reason for breaking up, and unless the person can prove the reason no longer exists, there is no chance of trying the relationship again.”


2. Drink and drive

Friends make your life funnier

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“Damn, hell yes!! I’m four years sober now; this was part of my bottom.

Crashed my Mustang into four parked cars, and nobody was hurt but me luckily, 8 stitches across my one eyebrow slight concussion, but I also didn’t get a DUI; by the time the cop was on the scene, I was in the ambulance, and I legit do have a medical condition, which I used as an excuse…and the medics did back up it was possible it could be due to that issue.”

“I saw an old lady get hit by a car that she assumed would slow down for her as she jaywalked. She flew ten feet in the air. I’ll never again assume a car sees me.”


3. Credit Cards

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“Opening and using too many credit cards.”


4. Lending Money

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“Lending money to someone who ‘promises’ to pay it back. And then lending them more money even though they never paid me back the first time.”


5. Caring Too Much Of What Others Think

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“Base my self-worth off the opinions of other people.”


6. Going Against A Gut Feeling

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“Going against a gut feeling.”


7. Let People Mistreat You

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“Letting people get away with stuff. It just teaches them that it’s ok to treat you like a lesser. If I Catch the ick, ill back out, and I’ve never regretted that.”


8. Date Just Anyone

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9. Losing Yourself

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“Doing too much in a relationship when the other person won’t meet me halfway.”

“Staying with someone who shows time and time again that they do not care about me.”


10. Too Much Xanax

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“Xanax. A lot of Xanax for a long time. Won’t be doing that ever again.”

“1000% agree, but I tend to forget that every once in a while. Then I binge for a few weeks and realize how stupid I’m becoming, rinse and repeat..”


11. Get Married

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“Be careful not to reside in a state that recognizes common law marriage.”

“Marriage. One should never legally bind themselves to another person. Don’t do it. Not ever.”


12. Waiting To Go To Doctor

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“Waiting to see the doctor when your pee hurts or smells bad. Seriously – get in for a urine test the same day. It can save your life.”


13. Trusting anyone

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“That’s what they always tell you “Don’t Trust Strangers”


14. Let Relative Move In

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“Letting a relative move in with me.

Thought my nephew would benefit from a bit of time to catch up so he could save to get his own place. Except he didn’t save money, trashed my place, and then was angry when I told him he had to leave. Hope his friends are having fun being taken advantage of!”


15. Having Fantasy Version For People

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“Falling in love with someone that I made a fake image of. I have a really unhealthy habit of painting a fake image of someone I barely know, and I like this fantasy version of them.
I ended up in a relationship with someone I barely knew that well, and I was just in love with a version of them that didn’t even exist. And it’s been months now since our break up, and I have been doing way better mentally and learning. I am most definitely not repeating that mistake ever again.”

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