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15 Jobs With Great Pay and Benefits That Employers Are Desperate to Fill

Finding qualified candidates to fill open positions is a challenge for many employers today. Some jobs are particularly difficult to fill, due to a variety of factors such as high demand, specific skill requirements, or undesirable working conditions.

Someone recently asked the forum, Employers, what jobs are you finding to be impossible to fill? Have a look at the 16 most interesting responses below:

Dispatcher Position

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“The company I work for has been trying to fill a dispatcher position for over a year and a half now. Part-time, evening shift.  They’re not offering competitive pay, and everyone is suffering for it. 

Trying to get someone for a dollar over minimum wage for a job that should start a good $5-7/hr more is painful to watch. They’re either incompetent or realize really quickly what the job entails and book it out of here.”

Nursing Homes Staff


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“People to work in nursing homes (PT, OT, Kitchen, Nursing-big portion is nursing staff). I don’t know if it’s just the company that’s having issues (two of our facilities are having staffing issues) but we are constantly understaffed and getting overworked to the point where more people are leaving BECAUSE they’re overworked.

Management keeps saying “No one is applying” but I don’t think they’re offering people enough to stay/want to work there.”

Construction Manager


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“Construction Manager here. The demand for construction is here but the workers left during the recession and don’t want to come back to repeat history.” 

Supervisor Positions

restaurant manager

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“My valet company is having an incredibly hard time filling supervisor positions at locations that are slow and you don’t do anything for 12 hours (15 per hr). Though part of the reason why it’s hard is that they want these people to be educated…”

EMTs and Paramedics

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“EMTs and paramedics. I’ve been in the position to hire them and can’t get anyone and I know exactly why. Hours. The standard week for EMS is 60-100 hours. Many EMTs and medics work 24+ hour shifts. 

Pay. Pay is crap. I have over a decade of experience. I have ACLS, PALS, PHTLS, ITLS, ATLS, and about a ton more and I can hardly score more than 15/hr here. 

Injury. The work is backbreaking. Lifting people that are 500 plus and the 90 lb cot is a great way to get a hernia. And that 500 lb person you had to drag out of a bathroom.

Psychological issues are very common. The list goes on. No surprise people avoid ems like the plague.”



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“They call them unicorns for a reason, but people with both programming + design skills. They’re rare and few between, but it’s pretty much an instant hire if you have both. They really help bridge the gap between dev/design teams and are almost always in demand.”

Truck Drivers

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“Truck drivers. Most of the people on the road are in their 50-60s. They are starting to retire or die. It’s even hard to find contract drivers to help on busy delivery days.”

“It’s mainly because the hours are long, the trips are long, and it’s a pretty dangerous job. Young people see that and avoid it.”

Servers and Cooks

1. cook

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“I’ve noticed that restaurants have a tough time getting servers and cooks and the food is getting bad at mid-range restaurants and customer service is horrible.”

Programmers For Industrial Environment


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“Programmers for industrial environment. It’s incredibly hard finding PLCs and robotics programmers that want to get their hands dirty working with bigger, complex industrial machinery. It seems counterintuitive, but the problem is most kids just want to do desk programming or handheld electronics: apps for phones or tablets, windows or Mac, working on PCs or the like, drones, toys, etc. 

I’m not saying pure software programming isn’t satisfying, but seeing machines moving that weigh 10 tons and are the size of rooms because of something you programmed is unbeatable.”

Teaching Jobs

middle school teacher

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“Teaching jobs. At my school, we’ve had multiple teachers quit throughout the year and could never replace them, so we just replaced the class. One of our foreign language teachers quit, so they just forced all the students to take French instead, with every class having at least 35 students. I just looked a few minutes ago, and we still have 10+ positions open for the next school year which starts in 3 weeks.”

Labor In The AG Industry 


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“I’m not an employer but I work in the ag industry mostly in packing facilities as an inspector.  They never have enough labor.  They are always hiring no matter who you are. They don’t drug test and it’s damn near impossible to get fired unless you mess up real bad.  Like getting in a physical confrontation with a supervisor badly. And even then the same people will be back next year. ”


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“I do bar and restaurant consultation and I am amazed at how under-qualified the majority of bartenders I interview are. It’s not a thing that many people think is hard, but to do it well it actually is. Basic knowledge of cocktails is an absolute requirement, but I can’t tell you how many people have no idea what goes in an Old Fashioned, less so that whisk(e)y is a category, not an alternative to Maker’s Mark.” 

Basic Retail Person For A Specialty Chocolate Shop

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“Basic retail person for a speciality chocolate shop. I am just baffled at how hard it is to get someone for this job. We pay more than most retail jobs in the area! It’s the easiest retail job I’ve ever worked! Customers are 90% nice because who gets bitchy about chocolate? We’ll teach you everything, you get to dip things in chocolate and make fudge and take home mistakes. WE GIVE YOU FREE CHOCOLATE. 

I can’t even get people in to interview, out of twenty calls I made last week (been trying to hire since March), five were wrong number/out of order, ten were voicemails that never called back, and five were interviews that just … never showed up. It’s been months of this. What the hell.”

Salesperson In The Automotive Industry 

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“I just need someone to sell automotive parts and take phone calls from automotive shops.  It’s an easy gig for decent pay. Have yet to find someone that can keep track of their own stuff on a daily basis without cursing customers out.”

Dog Groomer

English bulldog running in the grass

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“Dog Groomer. On average, they make 600-700 per week, but finding one is impossible. Let alone one that can groom AND manage to be the salon manager.” 

Blackjack Dealers In Casino 


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“My casino is always looking for 3rd shift blackjack dealers. We will take anyone with a clean record. Full benefits 14-15 an hour. I have a college degree and started on a whim. No, I’m pretty sure I’m staying. It’s super easy. The only tough part is dealing with crappy people sometimes.”

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