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15 Jobs Nobody Would Do, No Matter the Salary

Certain occupations come with notable health risks, and it’s often prudent to prioritize well-being over financial gains. After all, what’s the use of wealth if it compromises your health and longevity in the grand scheme of things?

A user asked the forum, “What job would you not do even if you were paid 150k a month?”. Let’s look at the top responses from the users.


Deep sea repair work on a corroded metal pipe

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Underwater ocean welding has over a 15% fatality rate on the job. Most netizens agree never to take this up, even if it’s profitable.


Working apiarist in a spring season.

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Beekeeping requires regular attention and maintenance, including inspections, hive management, and honey harvesting. This time commitment may deter individuals with busy schedules or limited free time.

Besides this, beekeeping can be physically demanding, involving lifting heavy equipment, bending, and working outdoors in various weather conditions. Someone people also fear the bees or are allergic to it. 


A young woman is playing with pets in the garden

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Several ethical, emotional, and practical factors contribute to individuals’ decision not to pursue careers in animal slaughter:

A user shares how a company had 100 huskies after the Olympics tourists had left. An employee was tasked with killing them after a vet refused to kill 100 healthy dogs and how he would never do it for 150k.


Group people surgeon at work in operating room.

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Surgeons face constant pressure and high stakes in their work, dealing with critical situations, life-and-death decisions, and potential complications. This demanding environment can lead to burnout, anxiety, and depression, discouraging some individuals.

A user says “I couldn’t handle someone’s life or death depending on me not making a mistake.”


Rhabdophis Subminiatus venomous snake trapped with tongs before release .

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Snakes often evoke fear and disgust in many people, stemming from cultural perceptions, myths, or personal experiences. This fear can be a significant barrier for individuals considering snake removal jobs.

“Finding and removing poisonous snakes from crawlspace or anywhere for that matter. I know a huge community that loves all snakes, but I’m not one of them.” shares one.


Beautiful Woman Climbing on the High Rock in the Mountains. Adventure and Extreme Sport Concept

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Acrophobia, the fear of heights, is a common phobia that affects a significant portion of the population. This fear can be paralyzing and make it impossible for individuals even to consider working at heights.

A user shares, “One of those crazy jobs where they climb incredibly high to do maintenance. Not for $1m/hour.”


Picture of loving father supporting his sad daughter with cancer

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Witnessing the suffering of critically ill children and their families can be emotionally draining and cause compassion fatigue, burnout, and even post-traumatic stress disorder. This intense emotional toll can deter individuals from pursuing this challenging field.

A user shares, “Child oncology. Thankfully a lot of childhood cancers have high survival rates these days. So, while it’s never easy to tell parents their kids have cancer or see the kids suffering through the treatments, at least you usually get to cure them and send them home to live a reasonably normal life.”



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While the medical field offers immense rewards, it’s understandable that some people might be hesitant to pursue careers directly involving bodily fluids like blood, vomit, and poop.

Bodily fluids can potentially transmit diseases, and some individuals may harbor anxieties about contracting illnesses through occupational exposure. This is also a significant deterrent. 


Portrait of confused questioned girl raise hands say tell wear crown head isolated on pink color background.

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Children’s beauty pageants raise significant ethical concerns regarding the potential exploitation of innocence, the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, and the potential for negative impacts on self-esteem and body image. Judging such events can feel ethically problematic for individuals who prioritize child welfare and development.


Indoors chicken farm, chicken feeding in factory.

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Factory farms often confine animals in cramped and unsanitary conditions, denying them access to natural light, fresh air, and exercise. Additionally, factory farming practices can increase the risk of zoonotic diseases, like bird flu and swine flu, which can spread from animals to humans. These are some of the many reasons people do not want to take up this job.

“Anything relating to factory farming, s-house or processing animals for food. No amount of money would ever make me harm or witness the harming of an animal.” says one.


Beautiful chambermaids showing OK in hotel bathroom

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Janitors often work in dirty and unpleasant environments, including restrooms, garbage disposal areas, and contaminated spaces. Exposure to unpleasant sights, smells, and potential biohazards can significantly deter many individuals.


Seller and a couple in the showroom.

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Some individuals may feel uncomfortable with the selling process, perceiving it as manipulative, pushy, or inauthentic. This discomfort can make it difficult to perform effectively and enjoy the work.

A user shares, “I am not interested in constantly begging people to buy or sign up for something they don’t want. I’m not interested in having sales goals to meet, only to have the goals increased every time you meet them. It’s not “challenging” or “growth-inspiring”. It’s just making the same damn task more difficult. There’s no satisfaction in it. You never feel any sense of accomplishment in sales-related jobs because you constantly have to move on to the next opportunity.”


a young lawyer is sitting at her desk in the office

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Lawyers may face ethical dilemmas in their work, such as representing clients with whom they disagree or navigating complex legal situations with no clear right or wrong. This potential for moral conflict can deter individuals who prioritize clear ethical principles in their career choices.

A user says, “Lawyer. I have met so many, and they’re all the most unbearable people. I got to figure something happens to them in becoming a lawyer where even if they were once decent, they are changed.”

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