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15 Unexplainable Experiences That Make Non-Believers Ditch Sensibility and Become Astrology Aficionados

Astrology is a vast topic, and not everyone believes in it. A user asked the forum, “What made you realize astrology is real?” Here are the top responses. 



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“For me, it started with some good storytelling about the history of astrology (how our primal ancestors viewed the cosmos) and how many intelligent people in scientific history utilized it. 

Then, I had some mystical experiences that communicated in the symbolic language of astrology (I was previously Christian), where I experienced the Siren and Ram in a participatory experience (you might call it psychedelic but without substances). 

I previously considered astrology accurate enough for a personality understanding, but after that holotropic experience, it became alive as an archetypal cosmos.”


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“Too many coincidences for it to be a coincidence, starting with my birth chart. I’m a Capricorn sun and moon with Pisces rising, and it shows.”


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“When I generated my natal chart, I saw that four major planets are in the 9th house. It made so much sense because I’ve always been interested in foreign languages. I also moved to another country, and I feel much more comfortable here.”


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“Someone in my life once said, ‘If the moon can change the tides and people’s moods through its cycles, who’s to say the rest of the planets don’t have that influence on us?’

After my daughter was born, I looked up her natal chart, and her placements said she would be intelligent and determined to succeed. That kid will move mountains to achieve her goals and is the most logical child I have ever met.”


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“I’ve always grown up with astrology; my mom has always been into occult subjects, astrology being one of them. When I looked up my family, everything matched their personalities.”


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“At 46, I found an article about insomnia, which I’ve suffered from for years. This article talked about Mars placements and the need for vigorous activity to transmute excess energy. It said even if you don’t feel like you have this extra energy, you do. It is also mental, and even that needs a physical outlet. (Pluto conjunct Mars) What do you do? Now, it worked. 

But what happened was that the article created another question, and so on. Before I knew it, I was reading about astrology profusely. I would’ve laughed in your face five years ago if you had told me that Astrology is where I would find the necessary answers to make me make sense of myself.”


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“It was COVID-19 and the Great Conjunction. In January 2020, the first person died in China, which coincided with Saturn and Pluto conjunct.”


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“It’s hard to say. I started looking into it when I was 17 years old (back then, this meant drawing charts by hand and using printed ephemerides). I’d rather say if it didn’t make sense, I’d stop.

There are other systems I also looked into (some astrological, some psychological typographies). Some make sense, while some don’t. 

Make sense to explain before unseen angles and are capable of predicting patterns. For instance, human design seems pointless to me.”


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“My mother’s death (by her own hands). That and learning about asteroids and tracking them for 20+ years. Something’s are undeniable after time has proven them to be true.”


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“Reading someone saying sun in the 12th house, people could have had their father in jail or themselves spent time in the hospital as a child. That was too specific for me not to believe.”


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“Getting my parent’s birth information and doing our synastry charts. Witnessing all the karmic patterns happening. It allowed me to heal childhood wounds!”


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“I tend to be an overthinker, sometimes moody/depressed, and I do have a negative tendency. Plus, I was angry at myself for this disposition; I always envied happy people, and of course, I faked a happy state of mind as a social need until I discovered moon signs in astrology – Gemini Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Midheaven, Aquarius Imum Coeli.

When I studied what Scorpio Moon facilitates, I felt relieved because I knew it was not just me. To clarify, I don’t want to come up with excuses and be lazy. I feel like it’s not just me. Knowing that there are other people like me, I feel like I’m at Alcoholics Anonymous. I accepted my tendency because of my astrology discovery, and I don’t pressure myself as I used to.”


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“I’m a third-generation astrologer (grandpa, mom, me). My mother was perfect. They predicted a phone call down to the hour, a sudden death, and generally gave spot-on interpretations too often to be a coincidence. It was hard not to believe. My dad is a rationalist and also is a convert.”


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“I remember reading my first astrology book at 22. Even though I had no prior exposure to astrology, it was like I knew all this material already. Go figure. Running through the signs, I could guess what the following sentence would contain.


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“So I’ve always been interested in psychology, personality tests, things like that. I originally got into astrology to understand what my astrology-obsessed friends were discussing. 

But what got me interested was when I thought about how I have five close friends with birthdays within a week of mine (what can I say, so many libras), yet all of us are so different. 

Now that I know much more about astrology, I’m amazed at how many specialized areas of astrology are out there. Currently, I’ve been obsessed with learning about the astrology of historical events. History was my favorite school subject growing up, so it’s been amazing to learn about topics through the astrology lens!”

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