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15 Instant Mood-Boosting Gestures Men Do That Brighten A Woman’s Day

Sometimes, little gestures by your partner are enough to make your day!

A netizen recently asked, “Women, what can a guy do to make your day better instantly?”. Below, we’ve curated the top responses!


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“My husband just scoops me up on the biggest hug, and it melts everything away. I’m an anxious, emotional-basket, high-strung person. His hugs will stop the noise. They help me breathe and make me feel safe. It’s so little but so much.” 


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“A kiss on the forehead. All kisses are great, but there’s just something about a kiss on the forehead that makes you melt.”


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“Compliment my efforts and contribution to the family even though it is unpaid labor. Honestly, mutual gratitude for trying to achieve the best for our family every day is a big part of why we are a happy couple.”


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“An actual, genuine, thoughtful compliment will make my day and week and year probably.”


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“Saying, ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good night’. That affection of knowing that they woke up /were about to sleep and they thought about me and wished me a happy time. It’s so little yet so lovely. Though it might come off as creepy if you aren’t dating or flirting.”


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“My husband knows I love animals, so If I’m having a rough day, he sends me cute animal videos and pictures to make me smile.”


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“It’s the little things, honestly. A small sign of affection, like a kiss. Doing some chores without being prompted, like dishes. Buy me a puppy for my dream of having my chihuahua army.”


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“Companionable silence is so underrated. Just existing in the same space, doing your own thing. It’s pretty nice no matter who you are.”


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“Flower bouquets always make my day. Nothing crazy; any flowers at all make my heart so happy. Random hugs always make me feel nice, too. Compliments but only genuine compliments.”


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“Validate my emotions, even if it seems silly. Don’t offer solutions unless I directly ask for them.”



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“Just treat me as an equally valuable human being. Not as potential partners, not as an object. Just like any human being. Be polite, don’t hit on me. Easy.” 


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“Give me a big smile and a fist bump or hug, depending on how well I know them.”



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“Make me some food. Anything, breakfast, a cake, dinner, a dessert, or grab me a drink without me having to ask.”


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“Doing something to make me laugh. I was having a bad day at work, and one of my coworkers ended a team call with the most dramatic farewell. Complete with slowly sliding out of camera view until it was just his fingers waving goodbye. Made my entire day better.”


brew coffee

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“Make a pot of coffee. He doesn’t drink it, but it tastes better than mine!”

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