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14 Unknown High-Paying Jobs That Pay 6-Figures

Are you tired of the same old career paths? Do you dream of a challenging and rewarding job with a salary that reflects your expertise? We’ve compiled 14 high-paying jobs you may not have considered before. These jobs offer great earning potential, often with a six-figure salary, and are in high demand.

So, ditch the traditional career path and explore these exciting and rewarding alternatives.


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Jet engines are expensive assets, with individual engines costing millions of dollars. Even selling used jet engines can generate a significant commission for the salesperson, leading to potentially high earnings. Here’s the catch – the job requires a deep understanding of aviation regulations, engine maintenance, and market trends. This specialized knowledge creates a barrier to entry, making it a niche market (that not many people know about) with fewer competitors.

“A friend of mine sells used jet engines to 2nd rate airlines and makes a high 6-figure income,” said a user.


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Depending on your skills and educational background, you can be a Strategic Sourcing Manager, Clinical Research Associate, Operations Research Analyst, and a lot more if you wish to earn six figures doing an office job. Nowadays, numerous lesser-known office roles offer high salaries and promising career paths, especially in technology and healthcare. 

“I work one of those office jobs where I go to meetings all day and make six figures,” said a user.


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Few know that highly skilled specialists with advanced knowledge and experience in specific TEM techniques, such as cryo-TEM or focused ion beam (FIB) milling, can command exceptionally high salaries, potentially exceeding $50,000-$100,000 per year.

“Sample prep for transmission electron microscopy. It is a marriage between engineering and art. Everyone here makes well over six figures. However, this job may become extinct shortly with all the advancements in automation,” said a user. 


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Actuaries are in high demand in the USA, as they are needed by insurance companies, pension funds, and other financial institutions to assess risk and develop financial products. However, the supply of qualified actuaries is relatively low, as the profession requires high education and training. This mismatch between supply and demand drives up salaries for actuaries.

Despite this, many people are unfamiliar with the actuarial profession and what actuaries do. This is because actuaries often work behind the scenes, and their work is not always visible to the public.

“An Actuary gets $140k on an average in the USA,” says a user.


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Many people are unaware of the diverse range of high-paying jobs in the power generation industry. The thing is, working in a power plant can be a dangerous job, with potential exposure to high-voltage electricity, hazardous materials, and loud noises. This contributes to higher wages to compensate for the inherent risks.

“A lot of plants are hurting for operators and maintenance tech. Most positions earn over $100k. A 2-year degree in industrial maintenance gets you in the door,” says a user.


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According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a commercial insurance specialist in the United States is $57,372, while the average salary for a retail insurance sales representative is $88,269. Top earners in these fields can make well over $100,000 per year. Commercial insurance rarely receives significant media attention, unlike other professions that might be featured in news stories or documentaries.

“Commercial insurance is a whole unknown industry for this. In nearly all major markets, everyone with some experience is 6-figures+ (many times at or above $200k) and has reasonable hours and great benefits,” says a user.


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The shipping industry plays a vital role in the global economy, and ports are crucial hubs for international trade. As a result, there’s a high demand for qualified managers to oversee port operations. This demand, coupled with the critical nature of the job, contributes to higher salaries. Regardless of all this, many people seem to overlook this career. 

“The guy who manages shipping containers coming into ports makes a lot of money,” says a user. According to ZipRecruiter, vessel managers earn as much as $100k and above a year.


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The trucking industry is facing a significant driver shortage right now, which means companies are willing to offer higher salaries to attract and retain qualified drivers. The American Trucking Association estimates that the industry needs to hire 80,000 new drivers each year to keep up with demand. With the right combination of experience, specialization, and dedication, truck driving can be a very lucrative career path.

“I’m a truck driver and make $100K/year. Not all truckers make this much, but some do,” says a user.


sales people

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Areas with frequent storms or high homeowner turnover may see higher demand for roofing services, potentially leading to higher commissions for salespeople. However, these sales are often seasonal, with peak activity during spring and summer when homeowners are more likely to consider home improvement projects, which can be one of the reasons the job is less talked about.

“In my first year selling roofs, I generated over $250k in income going door to door. I got yelled at a lot, but those checks more than made up for it,” says a user.


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Becoming a nuclear diver requires extensive training and specialized certifications, including commercial diving certifications, radiation safety training, and nuclear power plant-specific training. The critical responsibilities and inherent risks, along with the high level of expertise required, are reflected in their salaries (rightly so).

“Nuclear Divers take spent fuel rods from nuclear reactors and put them at the bottom of deep pools of water where they sit until they’re not dangerously radioactive anymore. The job pays about 40k a year, and because the cancer risk is high, you can only do a single shift every month. You could work another job and get an extra monthly salary for only a few hours,” says a user.


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Most tree planters in Western Canada are paid by the piece, meaning they earn more money the more trees they plant. This directly incentivizes hard work and efficiency, allowing skilled planters to earn significantly higher wages than the minimum wage. Earning $6000 per month is easily achievable for experienced and dedicated planters.

“A Tree Planter in Western Canada. Work March-October and make $90k if you’re good at it (pays per tree),” says a user.


loans document signing between people

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During increased claims activity due to natural disasters or other major events, the demand for independent adjusters increases like anything. This drives up their salaries as insurance companies compete for the services of qualified adjusters. Independent adjusters typically earn a percentage of the claims they settle, resulting in even better income potential. 

“As an Independent Insurance Adjuster, you can easily make 100k annually. If you’re willing to work 60+ hour weeks, you can make 200k plus,” says a user.



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Aircraft dispatchers need to have a strong understanding of aviation regulations, meteorology, and aircraft performance. They also need to be able to think critically, solve problems, and make quick decisions. Considering the high responsibilities and challenging environments involved, airlines are willing to pay high-end salaries to the right candidates. 

“Once you make it to a major airline, it’s typically 100-200k based on seniority,” says a user.

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