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15 High-Paying Career Paths For People With Poor Social Skills

People without social skills fail to perform well in their jobs. However, some jobs require low social skills, which are the best fit for people with horrible social skills. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s a good career path for someone with horrible social skills?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Mortician. Everyone is slightly put off by your profession, so that it won’t matter. Job security is pretty high; people keep on dying.”


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“Research scientist. You’ll fit right in there if you have horrible social skills.”


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“A lot of software developers I’ve worked with are like this. The more social ones often get promoted into management.”


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“Be a lawyer. You can be oblivious to everything human about this job.”


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“Radiologist. They’re all socially awkward.”


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“I’m a medical coder. I work at home 40+ hours/week. I rarely talk to coworkers. I have an in-person meeting at the hospital about three times per year. If you’re introverted and self-reliant like me, it’s great. The pay in middle America is $45k. It’s great for my geographic area.”


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“Accounting. My brother works for a credit union in their finance department; he communicates with no more than ten humans throughout his work day.”


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“Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD). I work from home, and even when I didn’t, my days mostly consisted of wearing over-the-ear headphones for 9 hours daily. Bonus, it’s only a 2-year degree. I make around 70k a year. 

You can make more than me or less depending on the area you live in, amongst other factors. Edit: It’s a very in-demand job. Easy to find placement outside of school if your grades are half decent.”


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“Truck driver. You are alone most of the day, need 2-3 weeks free training, and can make $100k a year.”


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“Lab technicians like the people who process lab samples. I don’t know what they’re called.

Also, get tested for autism and read unmasked autism either way. The principles are life-changing.”


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“Cannabis scientists are isolated.”


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“Become a chef. As an autistic person with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), nobody in the kitchen has social skills. We are all just doing our tasks, occasionally shouting at each other, singing, and making weird comments; one guy is pretending to be on a tram, and one is doing finger signs from Naruto between plates. It is perfect.”


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“Janitor. Nights, all by yourself.”


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“Dental technician. These people make dental prosthetics, e.g., crowns, etc. Half art and half technical skill, steady work, very little people interaction.”


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“Certified Tumor Registrar, I work alone and occasionally have to send an email out.”

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