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15 Frauds That Are Still Fooling People in 2023

Even though people are aware of some prevalent scams, they continue to persist. A user asked the forum, “Who are some exposed frauds that still have a following despite being debunked?” Here are the top responses. 


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A user said, “He has got a physique that is pretty much impossible to achieve naturally. Don’t give other kids the idea it’s achievable.”

Another added, “It’s not just him giving kids the idea; he’s quite literally stealing from them, selling all these products, selling his lifestyle, taking their money, pretending that he’s helping them.”


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“Scientology. At this point, you’re just begging to be robbed by joining them.”


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“Gwyneth Paltrow. Probably the most popular of the frauds.”


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“‘Established Titles’ or whatever that was. Buy a piece of grass in Scotland and become a member of the Scottish nobility. You saw them advertised big during the pandemic.”


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“All those YouTubers’ financial freedom classes/courses/programs.”


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“Gregor Macgregor tricked many people into moving to a fake country in Central America.”


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“Bongbong Marcos and his family. Their family stole billions from the Filipino people, yet they are still out of prison. Their family matriarch, Imelda, was even sentenced to jail for graft, but no one dared to arrest her.

Bongbong is now even president of the Philippines and has a huge following because they tried to distort history.”


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“That guy that went to prison for fraud for the Fyre Festival. He is out now and wants to try again.”


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“Warren Jeffs. The guy is literally in prison and still has many devout followers.”


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“Uri Geller. Despite being exposed by James Randi, he still claims he has mystical powers and won’t admit he’s just doing magic tricks.”


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“Andrew Wakefield, who was trying to get his vaccine approved, tried to make it look like another vaccine was a problem, did research without proper consent, falsified results, and so on. 

He’s become the darling of the vaccines-cause-autism crowd, even though his behavior was so egregious that he lost his medical license.”



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“Peter Popoff. The divine voices he heard were his wife using a radio. He’s still selling his ‘Miracle Water.'”


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“Influencers. They have fake lives, selling advertisements. It’s like following a robot.”


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“Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Scheme. I’m surprised this isn’t higher. Most people who sign up for them make very little, and many lose money, and yet, they’re everywhere.”



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“There are people who swear by Sylvia Browne to this day, despite her being outed as a fraud and making outright incorrect predictions that caused people to die of grief.

It becomes frustrating when discussing with people the possibility of the supernatural being just aspects of nature that we do not understand, and they start talking her up as though that kind of quackery is what I mean at all.”

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