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15 Common Phrases That Most People Just Can’t Get Right! Are You Making These Mistakes?

We often end up using phrases that make no sense! Let’s talk about them today.

A netizen recently asked, “What is a common phrase you found out you were saying wrong the whole time?”. Below are the top responses!


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“Not me but my husband; he uses the phrase ‘To Eat Chizone’ when he meant to say ‘To Each His Own.'” 


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“My ex said this the other day, ‘It’s a doggy dog world,’ I fell out laughing.”, said one. 

“Wait, what? What is the actual phrase, then? I’ve been saying this my whole life. I need to re-evaluate the company I keep because not one of these fake people has ever corrected me!” another added. 


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“I had college students who would write ‘per say’ instead of ‘per se.’ It drove me crazy.”


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“Once, instead of ‘living vicariously,’ I said I was ‘living bi-curiously.'” 


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“I had a customer say hyper bowl in a sentence.”, said one. 

“If they meant ‘hyperbole,’ it may have been from only seeing it in writing and never having heard it spoken,” another added. 


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“I would go round and round with my ex-wife about the word cinnamon, and she would say ‘cimnanmin’.”


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“Not me, but my grandmother taught me a card game when I was a kid called ‘spitting molasses,’ a very competitive game that I came to love.

Years later, I remembered most of the rules but not the name of the game and wanted to start playing again. I searched, only to eventually find out the game is called ‘Spite and Malice.'” 


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“Bona fides. I thought that the correct pronunciation of Fides was ‘Clydes,’ but it’s actually ‘fee-days.'” 


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“Not me necessarily, but people say ‘diabetus’ instead of ‘diabetes.’ It triggers me.” 


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“Looking to get a horse in the mouth. I thought it was ‘look a gift horse in the mouth.’ I assumed this new horse didn’t like to be looked at.


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“I always used to write ‘awhile.’ I recently discovered the difference between ‘awhile’ and ‘a while.’ Thanks, Google!”


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“I had to gently tell one of my son’s friends that it’s ‘taken for granted,’ not ‘taken for granite.’” 


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“Most people say ‘I could care less,’ but that implies you care a little. It’s supposed to be ‘I couldn’t care less’.” 


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“I’m a content writer, and I recently had to do a rewrite on a client’s website, and they’d written ‘rule of thump’ instead of ‘rule of thumb.'”


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“Play it by ear. I thought it was ‘played by year’ (like give it some time).”

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