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15 Car Youtubers That Drive Viewers Crazy (And Not In A Good Way)

Cars have always been a hot topic on YouTube, and many YouTubers discuss them. A netizen recently asked, “Which car YouTubers can you not stand and why?”. Below, we’ve curated the top responses!


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“Vehicle Virgins. I hate Parker. He’s annoying, and I don’t like his content,” said one. 

“The Vehicle Virgins guy. He’s always been obnoxious,” another added. 


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“He is the only one I can’t watch; his head is so far up his waist he can probably see his brain,” said one. 

“Scotty Kilmer gets on my nerves more than anyone else. He’s just a cranky old guy that can’t handle modern technology, so it’s all bad,” another added. 


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“I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but I can’t stand Regular Car Reviews. It’s just some writing major mixing pseudo-history and stereotypes to explain what a car ‘says about you,’ and every video ends up sounding the same.”


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“Tavarish. Sorry, but while he seems like a decent guy, it’s just his presentation style and the types of cars he chooses; it just does nothing for me.”


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“The Fast Lane Car. Roman in particular. At least, that was my opinion when I stopped watching them a few years ago.

His ‘reviews’ were so pointless. No practical details at all. People like Savagegeese go into driving dynamics and engineering, Alex on Autos gets deep into everyday usability, and even the StraightPipes guys, while pretty useless, are somewhat entertaining to watch.”


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“Streetspeed717 and Fitment Industries are some of the worst. Constant clickbait and always condescending, acting like an expert and giving flat-out wrong advice.”


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“Adam LZ. Most people seem to like him, but I can’t stand him,” said one. 

“The only Adam LZ video I ever saw was the incredibly cringeworthy one he made with his ex-wife explaining that they were getting divorced. You can’t come back from that in my mind,” another added. 


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“Unpopular opinion, but ChrisFix. I can’t stand the more wood pun anymore, and I also wish he talked regularly instead of intonations on every other word. Other than that, it’s still an informative channel.”


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“TJ Hunt. He just throws bags and wide bodies all over his cars; it’s boring.”


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“Doug. How is this guy so relevant? He goes through buttons; His format is a copy-pasted template with different car models. His driving is hilariously bad, to the point where he goes to a junction, goes at it at 15mph, and proclaims if the handling is good or not. Plus, in his mind, sharpness is equal to good handling. What? The DougScore is the most subjective statistics, especially for the ‘weekend’ category.”


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“Every video that Vinwiki makes and their horrible clickbait titles.”


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“Straight Pipes. I used to think they were top-notch but then realized how much worse the fat one was compared to the skinny one. Talked down to him over his opinion. Throttle house was a nice replacement.”


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“I can’t stand TheSmokingTire. You know how sometimes you meet someone who you don’t like for some reason, and you can’t explain it? I can’t stand Matt Farah.” 


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“The SuperCarSuspects. Constantly block roads so they can do donuts and annoy people, and the guy sounds annoying to know in person.” 


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“Supercar blondie. Admittedly, I’ve not seen anything recent from her to see if she’s changed the format, but I find her annoying. The videos are quite fake, and there’s not much technical talk, and she doesn’t even drive the cars properly.”

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