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15 Biggest Scams That People Fall For Every Day. Have You?

What is a common everyday practice that is incredibly deceptive or fraudulent? A netizen recently asked, “What is the biggest everyday scam that people put up with?”. Below are the top responses.

College Textbooks

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“College textbooks. You change a goddamn picture and release it as a new version and broke college kids have to buy it. It’s the goddamn worst.”

Ink Prices

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“Ink prices. Doesn’t even cost them a quarter to manufacture the ink, yet they’re selling it for $60+.”


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“Ticketmaster. The fact is that as soon as tickets go on sale, they’re sold out and the good tickets are in StubHub (owned by Ticketmaster) for 500% of the face value. Never understood how this was allowed to be.”

The American Healthcare System

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“This is the biggest one. Clearly, this country is run and governed by pharmaceutical companies and big oil. Also, if you have no insurance here and you try to get help, the hospital literally hangs up in your face.”

Direct To Consumer Prescription Drug Marketing

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“Direct to consumer prescription drug marketing. People shouldn’t go to the doctor and ask for a drug they saw on a commercial by name.”

Being Taxed On Pension Payments

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“Being taxed on pension payments.”, said one.

“This is really infuriating. I have to pay a mandatory portion of my salary into a company-determined pension fund where there is mandatory insurance, and when I can finally take it out I have to pay 38% tax on it (Denmark). I can invest it much better thanks!”, another added.


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“It’s a clever way of funneling capital from the people to cover corporate wages. It’s always an awkward social exchange and it’s something completely dependent on social performances which is degrading.”

Toll Roads/Bridges

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“Toll roads/bridges. Our tax dollars pay for it and yet we continue to pay tolls.”

Bottled Water

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“Bottled water, Why do people buy bottled water and take it home when usually tap water is the same or even better quality? For example here where I live in Poland tap water is the same quality as cheap bottled water (cheap bottled water is still probably 300x the price of tap water though).”

Lottery Tickets

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“Lottery tickets. I get why people buy them but the chances of winning the jackpot are so remote that it’s not worth the cost to keep buying tickets.”

Monthly Service Fees For Banks

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“Monthly service fees for banks. You’re telling me I’m getting overdrawn every month (and charged for that overdraw, don’t even get me started on that ) because I’m poor? Get lost!”

Microsoft Office

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“Microsoft Office. The fact that you have to pay $100 every year is a joke.”

Gift Cards

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“Gift Cards. It flies so under the radar, that I don’t even see it posted here yet. Please stop buying gift cards. Especially for large businesses.”


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“Weddings. Wedding dresses, specifically, but the whole theater. You don’t need to spend $80,000 to get married, and a woman is getting ripped off when she pays $2000 for a garment she will wear exactly once.

Don’t give me that “my daughter can wear it when she gets married!” because you don’t know if you’re having kids, let alone daughters, and if that’s the case why aren’t you wearing your mother’s dress? Besides, every bride wants her own dress. (I got married at the courthouse in a $99 dress from Woodward and Lothrop.)”

Property Tax

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“Property tax. Why do non-commercial or zero-profit properties get taxed? Abolish property tax for residential properties that aren’t being rented out. Landlords should definitely pay taxes.”

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