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15 Annoying Things We Need to Stop Putting Up With

There are certain annoyances in society that people have put up with for a long time. But some of them have become too disruptive to daily life. It’s essential to think about these as well. A user asked the forum, “What is something that has gone on for way too long?”

Here are some of the most common responses. 


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“Telemarketing/scam calls. Add to that spam texts and junk mail. Currently, my text, voicemail, email, and mailbox are 90% advertisements, scams, or spam. What is even the point of the post office if they’re just delivering corporate junk mail to raise enough revenue to keep delivering more corporate junk mail? It shouldn’t be allowed. This is harassment.”


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“Dental and eye care being separate from regular health insurance in the US.”


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“Processing and handling fees, or convenience fee when you print tickets at home.”


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“Paying someone to tell us how much we owe the government in taxes.”


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“Back in the day, tipping was expected for drivers or wait staff at restaurants. Now, you are expected to tip almost everywhere.”


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“Lobbying in government, government officials owning stocks, and factory farming/animal abuse. All of them.”


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“Wages not keeping up with the cost of living. Trickle down economics.”


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“As a wheelchair user, I have to say there is a lack of accessible toilets, especially at restaurants. I don’t want to limit where I can or can’t eat because of not having a washroom that I can get into. 

Accessibility is an investment. If you don’t invest, I’ll take my money and spend it elsewhere, and so will anyone with me.”



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“The cost of living. Making 3x your income to qualify for an apartment on top of paying to apply for it. The disgusting wage gaps. The possibility of Artificial Intelligence taking over our jobs. The list goes on.”


a podcast set up.

“Podcasts with horrible sound mixing. I don’t want to hear one person shouting while it sounds like the other is whispering.”


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“Tiktok and chronically being online.”


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“Promoting things like processed foods that can impact health if eaten over a long time. Usually aimed towards kids, sugar in everything. It’s not right because it’s an addiction that they can carry into adulthood.”


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“War in general. I 100% believe that conflict keeps going just for the sake of conflict. There’s no way we’ve turned a blind eye to it all, but we have. The solutions on the world scale are not simple, but they always come at the cost of innocent human life. 

If all people cared about the same things and tackled one issue at a time with patience, most large-scale conflicts could be avoided altogether. Full-on war is so unnecessary. There must be another way to get things done and resolve things without relying on total destruction. How do we justify war? 

I don’t understand in this modern day and age; it doesn’t even take global issues to stir the pot and make people upset. There’s so much painful infighting and tribalism. Maybe I’m just a hippie, and although I’ve luckily never been directly on the path of war, I wish I could do more to help others feel so helpless.

On a brighter note, I wish world leaders would solve conflicts with a simple game of rock paper scissors. Imagine history being decided because you threw a rock instead of paper. No lives lost, just losing to a simple game of luck (or is it?)”


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“Hidden fees. When something has an advertised price, that needs to be the price outright, not the price before ‘service fees,’ ‘convenience fees,’ or other surcharges or state, statute, or city or agency fees. 

Advertise what the actual price is, or it doesn’t mean anything, and I wasted my time giving all my information for something I don’t even want after I get to payment and figure out that it’s not a good deal.”


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“Thinking it’s weak to seek help for mental health problems.”

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