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15 Excuses That Will Get You Out Of Any Situation

We all give weak excuses at times, but are there some that are universal favorites?

A netizen recently asked, “What’s your go-to excuse for anything?”

Below are the top responses.


Shocked young businesswoman sitting at her workplace at the office, looking at computer

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” ‘I can’t, I have to work!’ I’ve always been a shift worker with an odd schedule that includes weekends and holidays. It doesn’t anymore, but no one needs to know that.”


Pretty woman wearing glasses standing over insolated blue background suffering from headache desperate and stressed because pain and migraine with her hands on head very tired.

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“I’m just tired. I didn’t sleep well last night. Repeat X infinity.”


Portrait of angry overworked tired director screaming in rage because of having no time to finish his project, gesturing with arms over gray background

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“My partner likes to blame her friend for anything and everything. Except he lives on a different continent. With a 6-hour time difference and has never been to our country. But sure, it’s his fault that we didn’t put the bread away, and the cat got in it.”


Sad and worried man sit at home couch feeling negative emotions, depression and problems. Upset excited young attractive bearded guy freaking out hold head with hands, on window background, close up.

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“Bipolar depression. I’ve struggled my whole life and wish it wasn’t my excuse. I’m not fun or creative, and I’m just sad and angry.”


Young blonde woman suffering for menstrual pain lying on sofa at home

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“I’m on my period,” said one. 

“Most often, it’s not even a lie,” another added. 


Female portrait in yellow studio background Indian ethnic woman emotional lady girl showing mind blowing head gesture shocked overwhelmed explosion sign problem trouble shock bomb stress reaction. High quality photo

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“I’m having a bad thyroid fatigue day. 99% of the time, it’s true, so for the other 1% of the time, it’s hard to argue.”


Man in pain holding hands on his head

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“Back pain. I have a long history of chronic back pain and can escape almost anything.”


young adult pretty woman screaming in panic or anger, shocked, terrified or furious, with hands next to head

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“Hemorrhoids, painful, itchy hemorrhoids. Nobody is going to argue with you on that one. Late for work, hemorrhoids. Caught cheating, hemorrhoids. Every time.”


stressed woman with headache, vertigo, dizziness, migraine, hangover

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“I’m not sure it’s an excuse because it’s usually accurate, but it’s a headache. I suffer from headaches pretty regularly. Most of the time, I can take it and pull through, but sometimes I just choose not to.”


Young hispanic woman isolated on purple background tired and very sleepy keeping hand on head.

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“For the first two months after I moved, I used jet lag as an excuse if I woke up late or was tired.”


Rer view shot of a senior mechanic repairing wheels of an auto on car lift

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“I have a photo of one of my tires exploding on my car. If I don’t ever want to do something with people, I send them that next to a picture of me on the Highway and say, ‘Oh man, my tire is blown! I don’t have a spare, and I’m waiting to be picked up! It works up to four times with each person.”


Attractive man lying on floor with his labrador at home in living room

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“‘I can’t; I must get home to my dog.’ Which is true 99% of the time. I don’t make plans unless my dog is included or cared for. But he’s also a great backup plan.”


Photo portrait of lovely young lady sorry forget shrug shoulders cute wear trendy orange clothes isolated on blue color background.

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“‘I forgot’ is pretty solid considering I forget things all the time.” 


Senior grey-haired woman wearing turtleneck sweater standing over isolated white background Pointing to the eye watching you gesture, suspicious expression

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“Grandma has a doctor’s appointment, and I’m the only reliable transportation. You can reuse this excuse to infinity.”


An innocent lawyer and an angry client blaming him

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“I’m in consulting, so I say, ‘Sorry, I have a demanding client right now and a deliverable due soon.’Works every time. Even if it’s a Saturday and I don’t feel like going to some boring dinner with people who are marginally my friends. They just assume that I work a lot and have a lot of demands. They almost respect me more as an “overworker” which is a sad part of our culture, but I don’t care about avoiding boring things.

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