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14 Things That Depicts That Society Is Stuck in a Toxic Masculinity Rut

Discrimination based on gender has become a common thing. It is mostly considered that men should do only certain things and avoid doing many things that are not masculine.

A user asked the forum, “What’s the stupidest “Real Men don’t…” you’ve ever heard?”. Let’s take a look at the top responses.


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“‘Hug their sons.’

My dad hugged my brother for the first time when he was 18 and graduated high school. Dad was raised by his parents to not show outwardly love towards his children because that would “spoil” us. Our childhood was odd.

The first and last time I saw my dad cry was when his bird-hunting dog died as he dug a hole to bury it in their backyard.

The older generations were tougher, sure, but I know my dad would have benefited greatly from being hugged more as a child. It gets passed down.”


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“I saw a video of a woman saying “Real men don’t eat peanut butter and jelly” and I was flabbergasted.”


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“Wear sunscreen”

The other says, “Oh yeah, I know when I see healthy, youthful skin on a guy, I immediately think, “This is not a real man!”


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“A guy at work described something his daughter did as “cute,” and then some stupid person told him that men aren’t supposed to call things cute.”


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“My former boss would die on the hill of “real men don’t use rolling suitcases.” He’d sooner throw out his shoulder carrying a heavy duffel bag than ever be caught dead rolling a suitcase through an airport.”


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“Not sure if it counts but a young woman wouldn’t sell me a Luna Bar because it’s made for women. I said, “No. It’s marketed to women. But I like this flavor.”

She said, “I can’t sell it to you. It has estrogen in it.” We had a frustrating back and forth before I finally convinced her that I was willing to take the risk, and she sold it to me.”


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“Real men don’t lift under (insert weight). Everyone has to start somewhere. I have been lifting for years, but when I see a new kid try lifting crazy heavy with bad form, I warn him it’s a good way to get hurt. If they don’t listen, then that’s on them.”


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“Eat dessert. Seriously. I was told it was gay to eat dessert. “Because children and women like sweet things.”

“Paul, I am going to eat this raspberry cheesecake.”


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“Use umbrellas. This one is hilarious and true.

I once went across the street from my apartment to pick up a pizza in the rain, using an umbrella to keep dry, and a group of guys about my age were running from awning to awning, getting absolutely soaked. As I walked past, one of them was like, “Nice umbrella,” in a very condescending tone.

At least one of his friends goes, “Dude, we are literally soaking, and you’re making fun of his umbrella.” It was pretty funny.”


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“My friends once introduced me to this guy who was talking REALLY LOUDLY.

I thought maybe he didn’t realize how loud he was, so I said, “You’re a little loud.”

The dude said, “Real men talk loud. Girls like that.”

I did not like that.”


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“Have long hair. I don’t understand it at all. If Eddie van Halen can have long hair, then I can too.”


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“I was at Joann’s, and the man behind me in line was buying something for his wife and didn’t have any coupons. I told him about the app and the website and offered to pull up my coupons for him to use.

He laughed and said, “Boys don’t use coupons.”

Too weird. It’s free money. How fragile is your masculinity that you pay full price when you don’t have to.”


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“Wannabe tough guy: “Real men don’t cook… Only women and gay men cook.”

Me: “What about male chefs like Gordon Ramsay?”

Response A) They’re closeted gay men.


Response B) A Chef is a paid position, so it doesn’t count.”


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“Candice Owens of the Daily Wire recounted an anecdote of how, when her grandmother died, her grandfather didn’t cry at her funeral. She says she wants to live in a society like that, where men never cry, even at the funeral of their spouse of 40+ years.

I am, of course, not knocking Candice’s grandfather. Different people process grief in different ways. But Candice’s gatekeeping of proper manly decorum at their wife’s funeral is positively demented.”

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