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14 Basic Things Most People Don’t Know About

Have you ever encountered something that is simple to understand yet surprisingly unknown?

A netizen recently asked, “What is some basic knowledge that a scary amount of people do not know?”. We’ve compiled the most interesting responses below.

Different Antibiotics Work On Different Bacteria

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“Different antibiotics work on different bacteria. You can’t take random antibiotics you’ve stocked up on at home and assume they will work for an infection.

Doctors make an educated guess on what antibiotic to give for an infection. This is based on the probability of the infection being caused by a specific bacteria; this knowledge comes from research on what organisms most frequently cause certain infections in certain individuals.”

Basic Food Safety

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“I get nauseous whenever I see someone use a spoon they just had in their mouth to scoop something out of a jar or container and then put it back in the fridge.

Bonus points if they complain about their yoghurt, mayonnaise, sour cream, or whatever always goes bad before the expiration date.”

Periodontitis Can Indicate Risk Of Heart Diseases

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“Getting periodontitis (gum disease) can be a precursor to getting heart disease (I think still the biggest killer in the US).”

Burnt Out Sockets & Plugs Give Off A Fishy Smell

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“If your house suddenly smells fishy & you’re not cooking fish, check your electrical outlets, particularly any multi-plug extension cables.

Burnt-out sockets & plugs give off a fishy smell, so you might save yourself from an electrical fire.”

Don’t Mix Bleach And Ammonia

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“Don’t mix bleach and ammonia, it makes chlorine gas! I work in a cleaning/sanitization job and we have ammonia-based cleaners and bleach, the number of times I’ve seen co-workers mixing them together thinking they’re making a stronger sanitizer is ridiculous.”

Yellow Teeth Do Not Indicate Bad Hygiene

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“Yellow teeth do not have to be a sign of bad hygiene! Genes as well as your diet, dark consumable items, excessive fluoride, and also the quality of consumable items in your environment + a lot more aspects can turn your teeth yellowish over time.”

Flushable Wet Wipes Ain’t Really Flushable

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“Flushable wet wipes are absolutely not flushable.”, said one.

“I used to work in the toilet paper industry and I’ve spent countless hours on this topic. Technically anything that fits in the bowl is flushable, but what happens after is questionable.”, another added.

You Aren’t Immune To Propaganda

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“You aren’t immune to propaganda. If you get all of your news from one source/ one bias/ find sources that just confirm your own ideas, you probably have been subject to and believe in propaganda.

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

Everyone sees the sensationalized moment, but not the quiet redaction or the outcome leading to a wrong idea of what happened.”

Leaving Room Between You And The Car Ahead of You Is Necessary

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“You need to leave room between you and the car in front of you when driving.”

The Working Mechanism Behind Statistics

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“How statistics work. Tons of people out there saying that because their uncle lived to be 99 years of age despite eight decades of heavy smoking is proof that smoking isn’t dangerous.”

Brushing And Flossing Daily Can Be A Savior

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“Brushing daily and flossing will save you a lot of money and stress.”

The World Is Not Black And White

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“The world is not black and white. Most situations are extremely nuanced and people should always be willing to look at all sides and make informed conclusions.”

Words Have Different Meanings In Different Contexts

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“That words have different meanings in context.

Some will fly off the handle at a single word or sentence because they didn’t understand the message, or didn’t take the time to critically think. If something sounds outrageous or strange, listen, or ask, before setting everything on fire.”

The Working Mechanism Behind Pregnancies

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“How pregnancy works. I’ve heard too many stories of people thinking you can get pregnant without penetration or some other stupid nonsense.”

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