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14 Secrets That Women Don’t Want Men To Find Out Ever

Do people have hidden secrets? It’s likely. Do they want others to know them? Probably not. A netizen recently asked, “What’s a secret about women that they don’t want men to know?”. Below are the top responses.

The Food-Mood Connection

5. smell disgusted

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“Most of their bad moods can be turned around with food.”

The Infinite Loop Of Bobby Pins

Young caucasian man isolated on blue background laughs and closes eyes, feels relaxed and happy.

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“They leave their bobby pins everywhere like they have 5000 of them and don’t give a damn.”

The Questionnaire Syndrome

Beautiful young blonde woman wearing colored sweater afraid and shocked, surprise and amazed expression with hands on face

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“Usually when they ask you something, they already know the answer.”

The Fake Personality Period

wow wtf

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“When you first start dating, they can hide their craziness for about 2 months.”

The Reverse Psychology Treatment

The young woman's portrait with happy emotions on studio background

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“If they are constantly accusing you of something with very little of any proof, it’s almost always because they are the ones thinking about it or doing it.”

The Flexible Rule Book

young french artist proud pose.

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“They make rules for certain guys and break them for others.”

The Insecurity Behind The Fake Confidence

Photo portrait of lovely young lady scream shout offended frowning wear trendy white garment isolated on blue color background.

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“All that confidence they portray when talking to you is fake. They are wildly insecure and nervous about how they will be perceived.

Once you accept this as the norm, the subtle cues they show will reveal themselves.”

The Friend-Zoned Backup Option

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“They know full well that their guy ‘friend’ wants to sleep with them. They pretend to be ignorant about it because a majority of them like the ego boost of knowing they could sleep with the friend at a moment’s notice.”

Their Body Count Number Being ‘Three’

Photo of confused puzzled lady wear striped pullover not understand you isolated teal color background.

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“No matter how many digits their body count is, they’ll always tell you 3.”

Their Manipulative Behavior Justification

wtf woman (2)

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“More of them are aware that they are engaging in manipulative behavior than they let on, a lot of them justify it to themselves as okay somehow and their friends reinforce their perspective.”

Dating Advice Experts

isolated over pink background, Close up portrait of Indian woman giving wow, wtf, amazed and shocked facial expression with big eyes and wide open mouth and hands open apart

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“Women give the most insensible dating advice to men. There are no exceptions to this rule.

If you’re a man, find a trusted man to give you love advice. By definition, women are incapable of providing it for you.”

Their Practicality

feeling stressed, worried, anxious or scared, with hands on head, panicking at mistake

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“They are far more practical than they admit to.”

The Fake Willingness To Swap Gender Roles

looking angry, annoyed and frustrated

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“No matter how much they complain about gender roles, most of them still want men to be more traditional.

They care more about keeping up appearances than they are willing to admit. She knows you’re right but she’s too mad to agree.”

Attention Seekers By Default

hostile woman

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“They crave attention from you. They will talk to you and give you hope that you will be with them one day just to have validation and attention from you.”

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