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16 Reasons Companies Are Pushing Employees Away From Remote Work (Even Though It Works)

Remote work has become a major trend in the corporate world in recent years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies initially believed that remote work would lead to increased productivity and reduced costs. However, it seems that some companies are now starting to rethink this approach.

An internet user asked, “A lot of job postings I’m seeing these days, bold the fact it is 100% on-site. Didn’t companies find boosted productivity with telework/hybrid remote?”

Here are the top responses.

Head Office Upkeep And Mortgage/Lease

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“One thing I’ve recently read is the head office upkeep and mortgage/lease, they can’t justify the cost for a head office anymore if everyone is working from home, so rather than downsize or ditch the office “everyone needs to come back to the office.”

WFH People Couldn’t Handle It

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“Many WFH people couldn’t handle it, they were too dumb and average, and they truly sucked and ruined it for the rest of us. With this said, I support WFH in more serious mid to senior roles, entry-level/junior level just can’t handle it.”

Because Of ‘Some’ People

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“8 out of the last 10 people that I’ve worked with that were fired were WFH employees and they were fired for cause and that cause was not being available and skipping out of work. Some people can ruin a good thing for everyone.”

Just A Cheap Way To Lay Off Some Staff

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“I think it’s just a cheap way for them to lay off some staff. Doing it this way they don’t have to go through the loopholes for an official layoff and they also don’t have to pay any severance, workers unemployment benefits, etc.”

Commercial Real Estate

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“Commercial real estate. Banks are literally bribing executives over this lol.”, said one.

“I feel it’s the real estate, they probably lease the building or whatever for X amount of years, so if it’s just sitting then it’s wasting money. Personally, I think a hybrid situation would be perfect.

Maybe 1 week in the office and 1 week at home and rotate people so there’s always someone in the office. Personally, I liked being at home, no microaggressions and people just leave me alone mostly from 8-4 outside of a meeting. Easy day.”, another added.

The Social Layer Cannot Be Replicated


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“Because there’s a social layer to work that’s difficult (if not impossible) to replicate in a remote environment. I don’t think the value of face time needs defending.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t value in having remote employees or a hybrid environment, just that cutting the office has obvious drawbacks that get downplayed because the loss of time and personal freedom are significant costs to the employee.

Understandable why people want to keep that perk but why employers want people in the office again.”

People Abused It’s Benefits

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“I had coworkers get caught at the mall when they should have been working.

Then we had folks support the west coast from the east coast and they kept giving excuses in getting back to them because they were at the salon. Then I have a coworker who tells me that he at least has intercourse with people while on the clock.

They all got fired and are no longer doing WFH from these examples and others that I did not mention.”

Juniors Kept Messing Around

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“Aside from the fact they need to justify keeping company property, it isn’t a given that productivity was increased. Working from home was traditionally a more senior thing where the people could be trusted to get their work done even if it was done on their own terms.

The problem is a lot of juniors and non-IT staff took advantage of it where instead of messing around on Facebook during the day they could instead binge Netflix etc…some people just need to be removed from distractions.

Also remote has a bunch of extra complexity and costs that businesses may not want to maintain long term if not necessary.”

Depends On The Leadership At The Company


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“It ultimately comes down to the leadership at the company. Higher-ups influence the work culture of their companies so a new Chief (insert position title) who is at the top decides ‘Yeah, we’re going to bring them back to the office.’

Other factors: cost/benefit, abuse of the remote work position, support delay – i.e. no one is readily available to help at the second. It’s 15 minutes, minimum. Lack of team cohesion. Meetings are getting disrupted by people’s animals and/or kids.”

Managers Weren’t Able To Exploit People

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“Managers, who have no skill or value, need to have people to nitpick in person because that’s the only way they have to demonstrate their imaginary value.”

Everything’s Just Getting Back To Normal

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“There were not as many remote jobs before the pandemic. They are just returning to the norm. On another note, office building leases and state gas taxes are also factors.”

Tax Breaks

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“Tax breaks. Some companies are losing out on tax breaks for not having enough employees in the office.”

Control Freaks, Boomer Mentality

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“Control freaks, boomer mentality. Remote work drastically reduces the need for brick and mortar buildings and a plethora of things saving companies money.”

To Prevent People From Working 2 Jobs Remotely


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“Probably to prevent people from working 2 jobs remotely if they have data to show people were doing it. Cost cutting as many were paying people HCOL salaries when the job was in an LCOL area.”

The Market Bias Has Shifted Toward Employers Again

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“Because they can. The only reason they posted remote jobs in the first place was because they had to. Job seekers had the upper hand in and directly after the pandemic. Employers had to accommodate to compete.

Now that the market bias has shifted toward employers, they get to make the rules again.”

Maybe It’s Just A Statistical Phenomenon

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“As a statistical phenomenon, it might also just be that people are leaving onsite jobs and sticking longer in remote jobs, hence fewer remotes being posted while more on-site.”

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