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The Money-Making Matrix: 12 Ways To Glitch Your Way to Riches

There is a strong correlation between positive energy and financial success, suggesting that individuals with a vibrant outlook tend to attract wealth, while those with a pessimistic mindset often struggle financially. Have you encountered similar observations in your own life?

A user asked the forum, “How do people make so much damn money?”. Read the top comments from the forum here.


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“Hopping from job to job increased my wages by 10X in 12 years. It seems counter-intuitive because many of us were told at an early age to find a good job and stay in it, but those days are long gone.”


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“Nobody cares how hard you work. People care how much the things you do make their lives better or their profit larger. You can either do something relatively easy that they don’t want to do or you can do something that is difficult or tricky, so they can’t do it without your help.”


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“Network, network, network some more. The hardest lesson to learn in life is that you have to play the game. No one is bigger than the system. It might be bad sometimes, but this is how it’s built, and the game is active whether you choose to play it or not.

Being social with the right people can literally quadruple your income in a matter of a couple of years. I speak from experience.”



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“Get into renewable energy. Honestly speaking, a college degree and a desire to learn can get you into a career pretty quickly.”


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“Having no morals and being comfortable with messing over people will help you a TON with making money. It’s not the default, but it’s a big chunk that people just accept.”


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“Credit cards. Lying about income will catch them soon. 10K in the bank will cover one card. Once gone, they are screwed.”


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“A good union job. Hard work eventually pays off and a trade is always needed. It’s a cliche, but the old saying is everybody needs a garbage man, even billionaires.”


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“Took me 40 years of hard work, learning, and competing to put myself in a position for a comfortable retirement.”


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“Certain professions make a lot of money. For example, commission-only sales positions at the right company can pay an insane amount.

This is because it’s incredibly difficult, and you are the engine that runs a company. Commission-based sales agents can make more than CEOs.”


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“Luck, wit, and charisma will get you farther than skill in most jobs these days. The system is designed to exploit hard work and reward manipulation.”


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“Going into a high demand/lucrative field. Like engineering, accounting, financial services, actuarial science, various medical careers, etc.”


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“A LOT of people inherit money. Not statically if you look at the numbers, but if you live in or near a big metro area, it’s incredible how many people have nest eggs from their parents or grandparents.

Even if they haven’t gotten it yet, you can spend your salary differently if you know you’re going to inherit a million + in assets when your parents pass. I make nearly 200k, and it doesn’t feel like big because I’m constantly saving for retirement and paying off debt, etc. sounds like you’re doing well for yourself.”

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