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12 Things America Is “Really” Good At; Better Than Most Countries

The United States is a highly developed nation with notable achievements across various domains.

A user asked the forum, what are some things you think America does better than a lot of other countries? Here is the common response. 



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“All of our ADA stuff. We’re a very accessible country for those who are disabled. I have not seen this in many other parts of the world.”



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“Innovation (especially in tech), space exploration, logistics, military, cultural diversity, theme parks, professional sports, the Olympics, movies and music, television, and comic books.

Also, food in general. There is a wide variety of food available besides junk food and wonder bread.”


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“Beer. American beer has the most variety and the best quality of any one country. Belgian and German beers are really good, but they lack the variety present in the US.”



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“The unique structure of our Constitution and resulting government of the US has some of the most untouchable liberties of any nation on earth.

Of course, not every freedom is inherently granted, but things like freedom of speech, freedom of protest, and freedom of press are essentially guaranteed for the foreseeable future.

That comes with good and bad, but for as much bad as we get for the impossibility of repealing the 2A, I’m happy for the impossibility of removing all of the others and the many checks and balances we have to ensure that no politician can infringe on those.” 


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“Cancer treatment. Heart attack treatment. Accessibility for the disabled.”



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“Social mobility is still pretty decent here, above and beyond many places, and often cited as a reason immigrants want to move here.”


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“NASA (and USAF and US NAVY) are investing, creating and implementing much of the technology we now all rely on. Our military-industrial complex is terrifying, but the world benefits from generations of American taxpayer investments.”


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“Infrastructure and Telecommunications.

Yes there’s issues like there are in any industry, but the fact that we have a cohesive telephone network that covers an entire goddamn continent and pretty much never goes down is very impressive.

Same for the power grid, postal system, road network, rail network, and many others.

The Eastern Interconnection is the largest power grid in the world and an absolute marvel of engineering, even in its regular daily operation. But most people never think about it. The power just works here unlike a lot of places in the world. Same for telephones, USPS, etc.” 



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“National parks ! I don’t think any other country has invested so much money into preserving the natural beauty and landscape.” 


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I’m surprised no one has mentioned this… some countries don’t have them at all and some that seem to think they do – but that “poop shelf” is just an excuse to play with excrement! I miss American toilets!”


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“Accessibility to higher education. I was an absolute failure in high school, still managed to get into college and then got a Master’s degree. I excelled in both college and graduate school. But I know in a lot of other countries, I would have had a hard time getting into college because I had done so badly in high school.

I also switched careers with my Master’s degree. I switched fields and studied something completely different than my Bachelor’s. This doesn’t seem that unusual in the USA, but I was told you cannot do that in most of Europe.”


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“Convenience. With a few clicks on my phone I can get any number of things delivered to my house within 24-48 hours. If I go to a physical store I can get groceries, medical supplies, and household goods in one place (which I did not appreciate until I spent some time living in the UK and had to go to a specific store to get a screwdriver).” 



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“Mental healthcare. There’s always a lot of bellyaching about it and funding for it but our mh services are often more accessible and more widely accepted than they are in many other countries. My state funds fully for any child of any income up to the age of 21 in home and out of home mental health services. We are top notch in mental health research and innovation. My colleagues in other places have it much worse.”

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