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12 Smart Investments Under $100 That You’re Missing Out On

If you have an extra $100, you can use it productively instead of spending it mindlessly.

A user asked the forum, “What is the best thing to invest in that’s under 100 dollars?” Here are the top responses. 


Bordeaux , Aquitaine France - 01 24 2022 : pokemon logo brand and text sign Trading Card Game collectable

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A user said, “One Piece TCG (Trading Card Game). The First Pokémon booster now costs around 10k. So will One Piece. The First boosters are already five times higher; remember that they are just one year old.

Another added, “Buy the ST10 or a Display from OP03. Let it be sealed. Sell After half a year. It will go from 80€ to 300€.”


1. cook

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“A toaster oven.”


woman sleep, bed

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“Natural silk pillowcase.”


young pretty latin woman looking shocked and surprised with mouth wide open, pointing to self with dollar bills banknotes

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“SLV (Silver Trust) is only $20 a share right now.”


feeling stressed, worried, anxious or scared, with hands on head, panicking at mistake

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“How about investing a small amount into a Vanguard Investment Fund?”


Crazy bizarre business woman or teacher wearing nerd eyeglasses. Female being energetic motivated, wide angle view.

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“A good pillow for your bed.”


Surprised frustrated mixed race office worker, sitting at a desk in the office, looking disappointed at the laptop screen, reading bad news, bad work result, experiencing negative emotions

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“Wi-Fi kettle. It is a kettle that pours Wi-Fi or connects so I can have a hot cup when I get home.”


massage therapist

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“I’d like a trip to a massage clinic.”


Young caucasian man isolated on blue background laughs and closes eyes, feels relaxed and happy.

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“Lladró figurines in charity shops. Most do not know the value, and you can pick mint ones up for €10 a pop (sometimes less). I’ve made thousands of euros profit on them.”


Handsome bearded man holds money in hand. Satisfied bearded man in denim shirt demonstrating bundle of money isolated on grey wall.

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“Mutual funds. I wish someone would explain this to someone with little to no idea what that is.”


Toilet bowl and bidet in the modern bathroom. 3d illustration

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“Bidet! Paired with a heated toilet seat, perfection!”


man gym

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“Buy a pair of shoes and go for a walk or a run, or do bodyweight training in your living room. The only thing stopping you is yourself.”

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