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12 Asian Countries That Will Blow Your Mind

Have you ever traveled to Asia? If so, which Asian country is your favorite and why?

An internet user asked, “What is your favorite Asian country to visit and why?”. Below are the top suggestions by users!


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“Vietnam. Great food and nightlife + everything is super cheap by our standards.”


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“Japan. Been there maybe 6 times now. Just a fascinating place to visit and explore.”, said one.

“Never been there but hopefully Japan someday. It’s definitely my favorite country and I’ve always loved Japan and the Japanese ever since I was little. Also, no, I’m not a weeb lol. (I rarely watch anime). Nintendo is from there (Kyoto) which is cool.”, another added.


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“Loved Singapore. Super great food, easy to get around using public transport on day one, interesting mix of cultures. I want to go back, but I’m not sure it warrants more than one more trip. Pretty small place.”


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“I really liked Cambodia because Khmer was easy to pick up for the simpler words and it was cheap. That and visiting the Killing Fields and Angkor Wat were humbling.”


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“Taiwan is a wonderful country. The people are incredibly welcoming, the food is very good, and the diverse natural landscapes are stunning. I never felt unsafe during my visit. Their train system is clean and efficient, and driving in Taiwan is not nearly as intimidating as in other Asian countries I have visited. I would love to go back to visit someday.”



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“I lived in the Philippines, so I have to say that. I love the people, speak Tagalog, and the country has so much fun stuff that’s also cheap.”



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“Malaysia. Easy to travel there, friendly people, great food, stunning scenery, lots of fun things to do.”

Sri Lanka

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“Sri Lanka – so much in a (relatively) small package. Mountains, swamps, jungles, forests, beaches, temples, wildlife, etc. such amazing natural scenery. You can go blue whale watching off the coast one day and see leopards and bears in a national park forest the next. Also great food, kotu for the win.”


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“Thailand because it’s the only one I visited so far and Japan closed their borders down because of the pandemic.

Good food, cheap, etc… the 3 Michelin stars restaurant was 35 bucks. It was a 7-8 tiny course meal and it was interesting. I love street food. Durian is amazing.

Bangkok is so international. Met so many non Thai people. People speak a bit of English, so it’s not baht.

But those taxis will rip you off though. Try waiting for a taxi that will use a meter not a fixed rate (it’ll take an average of 3 taxis to agree to meter). Don’t get a Tuk Tuk, a Taxi is a similar price and safer.”

South Korea

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“South Korea (particularly Seoul)

– Great food

– Nice hotels were surprisingly cheap, and most importantly to me

– It’s amazingly quiet for a city of its size

Something to consider though, no one speaks English. They might know it, but they aren’t going to talk to you about it. This can make things difficult if you don’t want to deal with that.

If you’ve never been outside of the US and want to visit a global Asian city like Seoul, Tokyo, Bangkok, etc… I highly recommend Singapore for your first trip. English is an official language, and everyone speaks it. It’s also a great city with a very interesting mesh of cultures and a very large expat community.”



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“I had a lot of fun visiting Kazakhstan. Lots of friendly people, good food, beautiful scenery.”


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“I’d like to go to China personally. I’d hope to meet some locals to talk with regarding relations and how they see the U.S. one on one.”

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