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12 Opinion of People About Living Expenses As Digital Nomads

Living a digital nomad life sounds really cool but have you ever wondered how much money you will you need to sustain the lifestyle?

It might sound like a vague question that doesn’t have fixed answers but it’s always good to get an idea of the numbers.

A user asked the forum, “How much do I need to make to become a Digital Nomad?”. Let’s look at the top answers.


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“It all depends. Personally, I make 17,000€ annually and live just fine in Thailand. For others, even 50,000€ would not be enough to live comfortably. That being said, my options for countries are very limited compared to IT with their income above 3,000€ a month.

For many countries, it’s the minimum salary for a digital nomad visa. For me, it’s pretty much SEA, Colombia, some Latin countries, some Central Asian countries, Sri Lanka, and that’s about it.”


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“2k monthly net minimum. Gotta plan for emergencies.”



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“I would suggest about $3,000 a month is sustainable. By which I mean:

  • You can pay for a decent accommodation
  • You can pay for flights
  • You can pay any medical bills that come up
  • You can save a little money for a rainy day

Clearly, you could earn less and be fine. A person could no doubt live a decent life in Cambodia for $1,000 or Georgia for the same. All depends on what you’re willing to compromise on.”


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“$1500 is enough in South East Asia, Colombia, and Argentina. All amazing places.”


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“It depends on how much you are used to spending on a monthly basis in your base country. It can vary from $1,000-$4,000/month, including rent, bills, food, going out, and other unforeseen costs (visa application, mobile phone SIM card, electronics).

You can live a comfortable life in places like SE Asia and South America for $1,500/month, but not in Europe. Unless you are willing to give up a comfortable lifestyle.”


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“I’ve tried it, making barely $1000, making about $3000, and now planning my next travel, making about $5K.

$1000 is not enough. Sure, some live on that and even less in Thailand, Indonesia, South America, etc., but flights alone cost $1000 round-trip from most places. Also, you don’t want to land in a foreign country with no emergency fund.

$ 1,000 a month, even in cheap places, is only enough if you have a safety net that can get you out of there when needed. If you have an emergency fund, $1000 is enough in South East Asia and South America.

If you have $1000 and have to work full-time to make the next $1000, don’t go anywhere. If you comfortably make $1000 and have $3K+ saved, go to Thailand, Indonesia, or anywhere else in SEA, South America, maybe too.

$2000 – $3000 is comfortable almost anywhere. In cheap places, you’re living like a king, but it’s enough to be somewhat comfortable in some places in the US and most of Europe (Western side, too, not just Eastern Europe and Balkans).

This is great in Southeast Asia and South America, good in Eastern Europe and the Balkans (but why would you want to live there…), and decent in Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, and the nice parts of Europe.

I would still go to SEA or South America for the quality of life. 2-3K will get you far there. $5k and above – you can live anywhere really, really well except maybe not in some parts of the US, Dubai, and exotic, tropical destinations.”


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“2-3k a month is safe for most places. You can do shared apartments or hostels to bring the cost down. Cook one meal at home if you’re in a more expensive place. Traveling slowly helps save, too.”


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“If you plan on staying in the Philippines or Thailand, I believe you can do it with even $500/month.”


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“I make $70k annually. My monthly expenses are around 3k and staying here in Tbilisi, Georgia, since the cost of living here is not that bad.”


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“100k a year is good if you need a private space to work.”


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“Southeast Asia is one of the cheapest places in the world; locals can live on $300/month.

A digital nomad can live as low as $1000 a month in Bali (live in Kost- small apartment local style), but most digital nomads I know (from 1st world countries) can live comfortably with $2000/mo (you can get nice Villa for $1000/mo).”

$1500 A MONTH

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“Your life is going to suck if you are trying to digital nomad from dorms, as usually, you are going to be working where you live. Nobody can tell you how to budget, really. I spend like 1500 a month in SEA and get fairly decent hotels.”

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